KLM Delft Blue houses

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KLM Delft Blue houses
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There are 93 houses now and more to come.

E-book on the KLM houses.

I published an e-book 'The KLM house collection visited' with background information on all 93 houses. There was a book by Ken Wilkie on the first 75 houses but this is no longer available in the bookstores. KLM decided to publish a new book when house 90 was introduced. I can get you one of either book. More information on my about me page.


When flying KLM in the business class on intercontinental flights passengers are presented a small delft blue house containing Bols Jenever, Dutch Gin.

KLM started this in the 1950's and still continues the tradition. As KLM is flying for 93 years now there are 93 different models in the collection.

 1 and 47 (Anne Frank house)    


In the 1950's KLM worked with Rynbende who supplied the Jenever. Rynbende is well known for all kinds of glass and stoneware items filled with liquer. These were birds and other animals or the famous ballet danser with musicbox.

Later Rynbende merged with Henkes and the Jenever was supplied by Henkes. Another merger changed this to Bols the current supplier.
A funny story on the houses is that airlines have agreed not to give presents to passengers. KLM managed a way around this by presenting passengers a drink in a delft bottle in the form of a house. For those who do not drink there was a second version with an open chimney and an opening in the back making the house a perfect ashtray with smoke coming out of the chimney.

There are many collectors of these houses and some of them have very special display cases. Here is a custom built example in the house of Mieke de Boer in Canada.


Earlier this year the USA banned all sorts of fluids on board of airplanes. This caused KLM to present open houses without any content like they have done in the past on flights to muslim countries which do not allow any alcohol.

Apart from the well known houses KLM has a tradition of presenting other Delft Blue items for special occasions and first flights. There is a Pagode which now probably the highest priced KLM special. There are many mugs and plates as well. More common are the Royal Palace and the Kaaswaag, presents for VIP's and newly weds inflight.

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