John Steinbeck Of Mice And Men 1st issue points

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Steinbeck Firsts


1. Covici Friede; Feb. 26, 1937 (from a review slip in the Humanities Research Center,

Goldstone Collection, University of Texas Austin); 186 pages; $2.00

2. First printing 2500 copies, including 300 review copies.

3. Key First Issue Points – corrected in later printings.

a. Page 88 – There is a dot between the page numbers.

b. Page 9, lines 20 & 21 read "and only moved because of the heavy

hands were pendula."

c. Box around title on spine and cover is orange/terra cotta, later issues are


4. Other First Issue Points -

Steinbeck Firsts - Ralls

- 3 -

a. Saint Katy the Virgin is NOT PRESENT in the list of books under “Also by

John Steinbeck” on unnumbered page 2.

• This point is not unique to the first issue. This is also seen on some

early Haddon Craftsmen printed book club issues.

b. Copyright page states - “Printed in the United States of America / by JJ

Little and Ives Company, New York”. No later printing mentioned.

• Ives also printed these later issues

o All stated third through fifth printings

o A book with the corrected errors but no statement of later

printing [very rare – about 1% of population – 3 known]

c. Rear Dust Wrapper Flap - the first word in the last line (line 26) of the

second paragraph must be “is”, not “it”, and be only slightly blurred. See

discussion of IT/IS in later issues section below.

5. Tan cloth boards. Orange/Terra Cotta Stamped Title front board and spine - Bold

Black Lines at Top and Bottom of title.

6. Top edges blue, all edges trimmed. Unstained page tops are found on some issues

Collectors Notes:

1. Most Haddon BCEs are sold as “Second Issue”, but virtually never with a priced

unclipped dust wrapper. Remember, the first edition second issue probably DOES


2. Beware of deceptively clipped dust wrappers, usually married to Haddon

BCE editions to simulate a “second issue” –

• BCE wrapper front fold clipped at top right to simulate a “price clipped” first


• Second or later printing wrapper front fold clipped at bottom right to simulate a

first issue by removing statement of later printing. These have the correct

first issue $2 price on top right front.

3. Some priced wrappers have been reported with the notice of later printing on the

front flap removed by sanding, bleaching or other techniques.

4. Blue stained page tops may fade to the point of seeming unstained.

5. The green in the dust wrapper illustration fades before the other colors, and may

be absent. The blue fades next and the orange last.

ABE 2/20/04 Signed - $12,500 - $6,999; First Issue - $2,999 - $550; BCE - $75 - $19

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