Joe Camel Zippo The First and the Last lighter

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Joe Camel Zippo The First and the Last lighter
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This Guide is to inform  the Camel Zippo Lighter Collector about the


  Joe Camel   Zippo Lighter that will ever be made.  

  ...This is do to the Tobacco Settlement that was made with the Federal Government ...

The following photo shows the FIRST and LAST Camel Zippo Lighters

that will ever be made  that  were photographed in there plastic bags. 

The Brushed Brass finished Zippo  lighter on the left is the First Camel Zippo ever made and is from 1988. There NEVER  was any RED warning sticker on the lighter since none were required  or used in 1988.  The BOTTOM   of this lighter  has the  following information embossed into the case on two ( 2 )  lines:

 1932   Zippo   1988 


 This Lighter was issued  in the  PLASTIC HINGE  Type Stand Up Case and has at the bottom


1988 Camel 75th. Birthday , Brushed Brass  Lighter  is   CZ # 3    /   Z 9


The Sterling Silver Zippo lighter on the right is the Last  Joe Camel Zippo lighter that will ever be made and is from 1997.  The  BOTTOM  of this lighter has the following information embossed into the case on three ( 3 )  lines:


1997   Zippo

                                         MADE IN U.S.A.

This lighter was issued in a  Laser Engraved Walnut , Burgandy colored Felt Lined Presentation Case that measures aprox. 5 1/4" wide x 3 3/4" x 1 3/4 " high

( 133mm x 92mm x 44mm )

 ( photo was taken with the lighter  in a plastic hinged type display case and in a plastic bag )

1997 Smooth Character , Sterling Silver Lighter  is  CZ #  315  /  Z 258

Each Lighter has engraved  a Serial Numbered ,  in the lower right hand corner of the front face. The lighter shown in the photo  is engraved  34/100 

This lighter did come with  a RED  warning sticker that most people quickly removed to prevent lighter body  from being damaged from the acid in the warning sticker.

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notes :  The numbers CZ #  are from The Camel Guides as published by Len Shorter

The  Z  numbers are from " The Lighter Side of  Camel  "  Book                    

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