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Jewelry seems to be a great item to sell on eBay or anywhere. Who doesn't like beautiful jewelry? Who doesn't like to buy it for themselves? The problem is that most of us of us are not experts on jewelry and can easily be fooled by what seems to be a lovely ring, necklace, bracelet, etc. Having been burnt quite a few times over the past three months during my first venture into selling jewelry on eBay, I learned quite a lot.  First of all, the most important thing to take into consideration when buying jewelry from another site to resell on eBay is the total carat weight of the stones. Don't be fooled by the photos of items. Those photos are so super-sized that the tiniest accent diamond can look like a half carat stone. Read the carat size carefully in the description, and any reputable auction house or jewelry site will be honest about that. Three months ago I started buying jewelry, mostly rings but also some necklaces, on another auction site to resell on eBay. This site auctions its own items and individual people cannot sell or auction there. Being a total novice at this since I'd never sold "new" jewelry on eBay in the past, I had no clue as to what I was doing or buying. The only jewelry I'd ever sold on eBay were items I owned or that my mother owned.  I took my own pictures, described them as best I could and was fairly knowledgeable about the ctw (carat total weight) of those items. Well, I was fooled and scammed big time by this site. The first month, I looked at the photos and descriptions of the rings and necklaces and thought I was getting gorgeous items. When they arrived, the stones on some of them were tinier than they looked in the photos and the quality of some of the pieces was not great. Yet, I gave them another chance because I got a couple of nice items, but I realized that I had to carefully read the description of the stone sizes. A stone that is 0.004 ctw is practically the size of a pinhead. If it is 0.5, it is a half carat which is not too bad, and if it's 1.25, it's a carat and a quarter which is pretty nice.  However, most of the gemstones in the items this site was selling were usually less than a quarter carat, but the photos super-sized them to make them look huge. People are easily taken in by the gorgeous photos. A person totally unfamiliar with the ctw of gemstones will be taken for a major ride. The second month, I wised up and chose some better items, but still not all of them were the best quality. Some items I sold in the first two months, but many I couldn't. I had a hard time making a profit and many times I took a loss. The third month was the worst and that's when I finally stopped buying groups of items from this auction site.  I realized they were scam artists. I decided to bite the bullet and instead of buying a lot of smaller items, I would wait and buy one of the rings that they occasionally list as "Gemologically Certified" and of the highest quality. I figured I'd buy one if I could and sell it for a major profit on eBay. These Gemologically Certified rings come with a certificate of authenticity from the gem lab stating the replacement value of the ring for insurance purposes should it be lost or stolen.  Yes, I decided to give them one last chance with a better quality item.  I tried over and over to get one of these rings, but bidders always went above what I could afford to pay. I finally managed to get a Gemologically Certified 6.3 carat Ruby ring with 1.25 carats of diamonds surrounding it set in 14K yellow gold. The photo of the ring was stunning.  A clear, clean bright ruby with gorgeous diamonds surrounding it. I paid $432 for this ring that was valued at over $3,000. I was positive I'd get at least $800 to $1000 or more on eBay for it. When I received it, I was literally stunned and appalled. Not only was the ruby not bright, clear, clean and shiny, but the diamonds were a dull yellow. Yes, they sparkled in the brightest sunlight, but nowhere else. The ruby was cloudy all over and to make matters worst, it was a round stone placed in an oval setting. There was a large gap at the top and bottom of the setting because of this.  To complete the fiasco, the lovely ring box they sent it in (it was lovely) kept popping open. The photo they posted of the item was a total misrepresentation.  Someone told me I could have sued them if they didn't refund my money immediately, but I didn't want to go through that.   I found out from others who bought from this site that trying to return an item to them is a nightmare and it can take months to receive a refund, so I took my chances and tried to sell it on eBay - twice. The first time, the buyer never paid after winning. The second time, I sold it to someone for $300 (taking a loss), and once they received it, they asked to return it even though I did note the problems with it in my description. They said it was so cloudy that it looked fake. So I promptly refunded his money. I eventually sold it to a jeweler for $250 thereby taking a huge loss. That ended my venture into selling jewelry on eBay from other auction sites. In conclusion, the old "buyer beware" saying applies here because you really have to know what you are doing when buying and selling jewelry, and even if you do, you have no control over airbrushed and/or misrepresented photos, incomplete descriptions and scamming websites.  Stay on your toes.
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