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JEWELRY AUCTIONS -No Votes on eBay Guides and Reviews

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Voting "No" on Guides and Reviews...

No doubt, at some point and time you will come across a Guide and Review on eBay and, if you find the Guide helpful, you have the option to cast a "Yes" vote. If you find the Guide NOT helpful you can opt to vote "No".

However, what is the purpose of voting "No" on any Guide? The purpose of writing a Guide is to help others (especially those new to eBay) in learning about the benefits (and sometimes) pitfalls of shopping on eBay. In addition, the creation of Guides help ALL sellers on eBay, as the Guides then find their way into search engines such as Google or Yahoo!

Guides promote ALL sellers in their category, as in many cases, a Guide's subject matter will determine the placement of "key" products however, if the Guide writer does not offer items in that specific "key" category, then another seller's products will appear inconjunction with that specific Guide, which is best suited to the writers content.

There are Guides on eBay, which were posted years ago. These Guides have received upwards to 100,000 views (or more). This in itself should convey the awesome marketing potential of writing and submitting Guides. While a Guide, which was written years ago, may have only receive a few thousand "Yes" votes, the Guide was reviewed 100,000 times. Does this mean the Guide was NOT helpful to the masses? Absolutely not. In this case, the Guide was reviewed and just not voted upon. 

Then there are those who will cast a series of "NO" votes - just because. The trend is easy to identify, as once you post your Guide(s) and a stream of "NO" comes rolling in, you can report those "NO" votes to eBay and they can track who voted "NO".

If you suspect an abuse of the Voting System, report it to eBay. As eBay may take a closer look at how fast the "NO" votes were cast. Questions to ask yourself when reviewing posted "NO" votes:

  • Did the person voting even read the Guide?
  • Were the "NO" votes cast within seconds (especially if you have many Guides).
  • If you posted multiple Guides, is there just one "NO" vote cast for each Guide?

Guide Keywords:

It's important that once you write a Guide that your Guide Keywords be as accurate as possible. Do not rely upon the automated keyword system to be 100% correct. Take the time to truly click on all the categories, which are applicable to your specific Guide.  Review those categories, as you may find quite a few keyword rich categories buried five (or more) deep within the eBay.

Mixing and Matching Guide Content:

In some cases, you will find that you can mix and match Guide content to produce a series of Guides, which are applicable to one or more categories. If possible, use pictures and/or graphics to grab the readers attention.

Links from Your Guide:

You may wish to link your guide to your store. This is a great idea and can be a very useful tool in driving traffic to your store. It's easy to add a picture or store logo by using the ADD tool located on the top right of the box in which you add the text for your guide. First, add the link (which can be a text link) and then add your store address directly above the text link. If you wish to add your store logo for additional branding, click on the Picture link (next to the word Add:) browse your images, click on your store logo and click on the upload button. This is a fast and easy process to brand your store and set up a link to your store.

Never Get Discouraged:

Don't ever get discouraged if someone votes "No" for your Guide. Keep writing and posting your Guides, as even with "No" votes, your Guides will find their way into the search engines and drive traffic to your store. 

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