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I will keep this simple. I tried a couple of cheap off brand Bluetooth headsets and had to send them back. One did not work at all and the other was so hard to hear it was like I was wearing a hearing aid. So after some research I purchased the Jabra JX10. It is small, virtually wieghtless (you'll never even know it's there) sounds great, and looks cool. I plugged it into the charger, waited until it was blue, pressed the pairing button and wala it was set. There are probably other functions but I only use the volume button and the pairing button that's really all you need. It also comes with a USB plug so you can recharge right from your laptop. It comes with a standard charger & stand, pouch, USB cable, all in a cool looking box. The little earhook that came with it broke on me but I emailed Jabra and they sent out a few spares right away. I give the JX10 a Big Thumbs up and highly recommend it. You can find a seller your comfortable with on Ebay Express starting at around $70. Good Luck.


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