Is your Disney dvd you bought fake?

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Just a few tips I am sick of all these FAKE Disney DVDs. Yes they do play but sometimes the words do not match the picture, bootlegs do not last long, and it just not seem right letting people make massive amounts of money on deceiving people who just want to get a DVD for their kids. Here are a few things I have noticed that help me sort fake from real. Attached are pictures. the real one is one the left side the fake is on the right. I know mine is real because I bought it from Disney themselves. I know the other is fake because there is too many differences. This will take you through steps as you observe the DVD after receiving it.

*Older Disney DVDs have a white security strip on top that will say the name of the movie and some numbers. The newer Disney flicks, such as Tangled etc. seem to not have this. This helps if they are new", Also NEW Disney DVDs usually say "Movie rewards" on outside front of case, if it says that and you open the case and there is no slip saying movie rewards, that is a way to notice something is up.

*Disney always seals the DVD in a soft,tightly-hugged plastic, that is smooth- textured.. If the DVD sealing is crackly or loud or loose, that is not a good sign as well.

*I buy direct from Disney and they always seal the DVD itself and then put the sleeve over that, the sleeve is never sealed with DVD case.

*Disney DVDs have the Buena Vista "blue colored" stamp on back lower half, also says made in Mexico. If it's a Disney/Pixar movie, say Toy Story then there is no Buena Vista stamp, will just say Made in Mexico, still ALWAYS in BLUE ink.

*Look for words misspelled (will keep personal comments to self) lol. One DVD I bought misspelled many words on the outer case info about the movie.

*Disney the 2 disc will have inserts to the left when opening with some thick advertisements papers/booklet etc. movie rewards, & then a flip style holders for the DVDs. The case should be nice strong quality, not flimsy or easy to break. Recent fakes I bought had the disc on the left and right and the insert to be stuffed into the middle. And the cases broke right into my hands when closing them. PLUS the sleeve or slip-cover did not seem to fit the case of the copy.

*If you see pick 10 for a hundred type situation, I would be careful. Who has hundreds of each DVD sitting around? Especially ones out of print? Just saying.

* Look for a powder substance inside the case or on the outside. Usually you can smell a strong odor with a fake. It is not a normal smell like when you buy a DVD from the store and open it. Also with the case from the side view, you can see from pictures. MOST Disney DVDs have those two little tabs you have to pull up to click and to open the case. The fake DVDs typically do not, they just open up.

*Fake DVDs will have a skin or a cover over the DVD where it has the name and a picture. Real DVDs will have a picture but it is still shiny through it and glass looking. The fakes are dull and not shiny. Sometimes even the cover will be weird colors like dark or super light and not look right. In pictures I took, you can see mine nice and shiny and the fake dull. The real ones are on left. By just looking at outer case you would never know. opening it up you see a lot of differences.

*"Sometimes" all it takes is to ask ahead if it is a copy or import. "sometimes" they will be honest and say its a Chinese import" which work but it is still a copy and will not last long, may not be well copied etc.

Well, for those of you that haven't fallen asleep, hope this helps!!


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