Iraqi Dinar Buying Guide

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Iraqi Dinar Buying Guide
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Caution: Do not buy Iraqi Dinar until you review the following information:

There are several U.S. Treasury approved sites on the internet that sell Iraqi Dinar, caveat; what does U.S. Treasury approved mean in this case?  Is this statement significant or simply marketing propaganda.  Type in Iraqi Dinar in the Yahoo search engine to find them.  Also, when you type in the words Iraqi Dinar on a Yahoo Search box, the daily exchange rate for the Dinar against the dollar will be displayed in bold letter above all the links that come up for the search. 

I have seen D25,000 sell for $90.00 here on eBay which is ridiculous considering you can buy the same amount for $30.00 elsewhere.

The symbol for the Iraqi Dinar is IQD

June 29, 2009 exchange rate:

1.00 Iraqi Dinar = .00086 US Dollars

That means that 25,000 Iraqi Dinar are worth $21.50, 100,000 Dinar are worth $86.00, and 1,000,000 Iraqi Dinar are worth $860.00 at the current market exchange rate.  Keep in mind that as with all currency trading you will pay a premium for the trade...

Here is the pricing that is currently available at one Internet site as of today June 29, 2008.  I will not disclose which site this is, suffice it to say you should shop around prior to making a buying decision on eBay.  This will also give you legitimate bargaining power with sellers that are overpricing their Dinar and extracting extreme profits off the backs of unsuspecting buyers:

D25,000 - $30.00

D125,000 - $122.00

D500,000 - $488.00

D750,000 - $732.00

D1,500,000 - $1,463.00

D2,000,000 - $1,950.00

D3,000,000 - $2,925.00

D4,000,000 - $3,900.00

D10,000,000 - $9,750.00

In closing, I also recommend that you type in the words Iraqi Dinar Scam in a Yahoo Search Box.  Several interesting articles will come up on the subject, obviously written by highly skeptical individuals.  The best one is the one on's website which should come up at the top of this specific search.  In this article, the author lists all of the websites he could find that sell the Iraqi Dinar and their pricing.  He also tells you which sites have the best pricing on specific denominations.  His opinion was that folks are overpaying on eBay.  Perhaps as this knowlege circulates, eBay sellers will get their pricing more in line with reality.

Be sure to read my other guides to keep from being taken for a ride by unscrupulous sellers.

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