Internet & email with GSM-GPRS-EDGE-UMTS-3G connections

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Internet & email with GSM-GPRS-EDGE-UMTS-3G connections
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This is a FAQ for people visiting Italy that wold connect to the Internet using a GSM phone with an Italian TIM (leader Italian cell company) SIM Card.

Can a cell phone work there for data only ?
YES. It must work with GPRS or, even better, with EDGE or UMTS data transmission protocol. The phone must be SIM unlocked and working on European GSM bands (900/1800Mhz).

What would it cost per month ?
The flat rate we are selling well to foreigners, gives 500Mb trafic within 30 days for only 25 Euro

What can I expect for data rate?
It depends from the type of connection:

    * GPRS is 30/40 kbit/s
    * EDGE is 40 kbit/still 200 kbit/s;
    * UMTS till 384 kbit/s.

How to set dial-in and modem-settings?
The setting on the phone is APN that must be set to

The number to dial on the PC connection is *99***1# assuming the APN ibox... is in first position on the phone (otherwise te 1# must be canged with the ibox APN position number on your phone).

I hope you do not mind answering my questions.
Why not? This it's ours job! :-)

I have searched the internet, and have not found these questions answered.
You gave us the idea to publish this eBay guide, thank you!

If you find useful this guide, we'll appreciate some positive feedback from you.

For any question or to deepen not clear aspects, please feel free to contact us!

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