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International Shipping
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When shipping products outside the US, it can be somewhat costly. Postage is determined by weight, size of package, and service used. The shipping costs are not determined by the items price. When the weight of the box increases, the shipping price will also increase. If ordering multiple items, they may require a larger box or may not fit in the same box and multiple boxes may be required so the shipping costs will increase. You should use the sellers shipping calculator or inquire to the seller prior to purchase for shipping rates. You should include important information in your inquiry such as city/state/postal code/country , items of interest, quantity, etc.

Not all items can be shipped into other countries due to weight/size restrictions on packages and customs restrictions. It is highly recommended that you check with your customs office before purchasing to see if item can be imported into your country. Your country should have a website that will tell you what can/cannot be imported. ( you can use the USPS Index of Countries and Localities for a reference guide for shipping/mailing restrictions)

Please do not ask sellers to mark merchandise values below value or mark items as ‘gifts’ - US and International government regulations prohibit such behavior.

Duties/taxes/brokerage fees/customs/VAT/ importation fees are charged at time of delivery. These charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. The customer is responsible for those charges at delivery. These should not be confused with additional shipping amounts.  The receiving customer is the importer.  Usually the carrier will not release a package until those are paid or they (the shipping carrier) may send you a bill at a later date for those fees. Fees vary by each country. Please review and check those before you purchase so you are not surprised later at delivery. 
If an item can be shipped worldwide or to other countries, the listing will state , Ships to: worldwide or it will list specific countries for the ship to locations. Generally, if the listing says, Ships to: United States in that top section, it is not available for shipment outside the US. contact the seller before you purchase to ask about international shipping. Please be understanding if the product is not available for shipment to your location.
Most items that ship international are usually sent by USPS (United States Postal Service) USPS but some are sent by UPS, DHL or Fedex . It is up to the seller to choose the methods of shipment they will use. It the shipment method is not stated, you should contact the seller in advance to inquire about the shipment method. Some items are too large for USPS so UPS or Fedex must be used. USPS does not have a real time tracking system like UPS or Fedex. Sometimes the Post Office 'may' scan an international package, but most times they do not and sellers will have no control over that. If you check on USPS with your customs declaration number, it may bring back a message that there is no record of mailing. That message does not mean it was not mailed. The post office just has not made a scan on it at that point and there is no way to know if/when they will scan it. Really the only mail class for USPS that has 'tracking ' is express mail which can be costly and some do not offer this service.  UPS/Fedex have higher brokerage/import fees at delivery than those of USPS, but UPS/Fedex offer real-time tracking, a service the USPS does not provide. USPS does usually take longer to deliver than UPS/Fedex, but the brokerage/import fees are often less than UPS/Fedex.

Please remember that international packages will take longer to arrive then domestic orders as the package is traveling a further distance. Once the parcel is in your country, it will also pass through your customs office which can add time to the delivery. Customs can hold a parcel for several weeks and open up packages for inspections. Usually international packages arrive somewhere within 4 weeks but can take longer depending on the Post Office and customs clearance and there is nothing sellers can do to speed up the process. Please allow sufficient time for your package to arrive.

Please do not assume that if your international package has not arrived within 10 days that it is "lost' . You need to allow time for your package to arrive. Thousands of packages travel with the post office daily.  The seller cannot control the speed of delivery with the carrier and from our experience, lost packages are very rare. Please be patient as they take time to arrive. If a 'lost claim' is needed, you will be required to work with the seller during that process. Our company insures all packages, however, we cannot begin to file a 'lost claim' until 45 days have past from the shipment date. This is a requirement of the insurance company/carrier. The customers would also be required to submit a lost claim form that is signed/dated 45 days after the shipment date.

Here is some other additional information we have found through various sources online:
Q. Why do I have to pay Customs duty and VAT?
A. Customs duty is charged on most goods imported into the EU. The duty rates are set out in European Community Legislation and in the Customs Tariff which classifies the goods and gives the rate of duty. All goods imported into the UK are subject to import VAT. It is charged at the appropriate rate that applies to identical goods sold in the UK. It is applied to protect UK businesses from unfair advantage from cheaper foreign imports. ( source: HM Revenue & Customs website)
Q. Why do I have to pay the Royal Mail clearance fee?
A. When Customs charges are due on goods arriving in the UK, Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide will charge a handling fee. This is a contribution to cover their costs for handling your package, carrying out the Customs formalities, paying the import charges on your behalf and collecting it from you. This fee is completely separate from any Customs charges and if you have any questions about this you should speak to Royal Mail or Parcelforce Worldwide. Other carriers also make charges for their services.        ( source: HM Revenue & Customs website)

From our experience we know that some Countries have restrictions/prohibitions on importing medicines/supplements/medicinal products. Please check your countries restrictions before purchasing. We know Germany, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Ireland , Sweden , Denmark, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Russia, Egypt, Norway, Romania, Portugal, Latvia, Greece, Kuwait, Finland, Liberia, Lebanon, Ukraine, Venezuela, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Chad, Oman, and Brazil.
We know that playing cards have importing restrictions for Italy, Germany ,Greece and Spain.
Please check with your customs to see if an item can be imported into your country before purchasing.

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