Internal filters cascade 300 and Jebo lifetech ap 1500

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Filtration specialsInternal filters are a must for large aquariums expecially those using canister filter, also they are great as additional filtration in any aquarium, especially in aquariums like hexes where there is little room for hang on filters.. The canister filters(external type) have a tendancy to clog up quickly if they are not cleaned regularly. However I have found that none of them are user friendly when you have to take them apart. I have 30 years in the industry and still have a hard time putting them back together. Also every time you take them apart they have a tendancy to break somewhere- either a lock down clip, o ring, or in valve. So to remedy this I recommend an internal filter. The Jebo, and lifetech 1500, 2500  great for this. They fit in the aquarium in a corner and use hight speed powerhead motors to prefilter and pull most of the waste out of the tank. The jebo models come with 200gh+  powerheads and then filter attachments and media to prefilter.In a saltwater tank they work great when using protein skimmers and wet dry filters to pull particles out that will clog the units. They also have a dual purpose by creating wave action when attached near the surface. Both these units are problem free and I give them four stars. The penn plax cascade 300 filter is one of the most economical and effecient units for small aquariums and turle amphibian tanks. It needs one inch of water to operate does over 70 gh. It includes a air injector attachment so it can aireate and filter. It is great for small aquariums for both filter and air. We also have now in stock a new model the Lifetech 2500 f , for large aquariums and ponds,It has four chambers and flows over 400gh.

Update: We now carry two new internal units by jebo that are better than ever. The 1500f and the 2500f.

Both have same features as the others with new more powerful motors and air injection to create wave action in your tank. The 1500f does over 200gh and is good for filtration in aquariums and turtle tanks up to 30 gallons, and in series with a canister filter you can use it on aquariums up to 100 gallons.The 2500 does over 450 gallons per hour and is good for aquariums and ponds up to 150 gallons. Both units work great in conjuction with canister filters as they prefilter the water and are easy to clean, and thus makes it longer times between cleaning on the canisters.They both have excellent air injection systems which when operation create a lot of surface wave action without a lot of noise.
  Also some new smaller models are in stock now the hagen elite mini, and the new reptile model the Repticlean.The repticlean is great for amphibian tanks with turtles frogs etc, The hagen elite works great for this also but can double as a mini filter wave make for nano tanks and betta tanks, It needs about 2 in of water to function and comes with air injector which creates pulsating wave action.The larger models the Ap 1500 and Ap 2500 are great for ponds up to about 300 gallons. All in all internal filters are cheap, economical on electricity and do a great filtration job.

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