Inglesina - Inglesina Strollers, Prams, and Carriages

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Inglesina - Inglesina Strollers, Prams, and Carriages
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Inglesina - Inglesina Strollers, Prams, and Carriages

Inglesina strollers and prams are designed for comfort for both mother and baby.  Constructed from fine fabrics and designed for ease of use and versatility, Inglesina baby equipment is considered by many to be some of the best in the world.  Inglesina offers everything from classic prams, traditional strollers, carriages, umbrella strollers, and even triple strollers for larger families.

Inglesina strollers come with accessories like umbrellas, boot covers, shopping baskets, and features like reclining seats. reversible seats, and full-size bassinet seats.  Some of the most popular models include the Twin Jet Set, for twins or siblings of different ages, and the BiPosto, which fits up to three small children at the same time. 

The Magnum Pram may be a good choice for people looking for a stroller and pram in one.  This product comes with a winter muff for colder months, a detachable basket for carrying items, a handy footrest for added control.  Another popular model is the Liberty Pram Carriage.  This model comes in fun colors and features a removable lining for easy cleaning.

If you're looking for a larger capacity stroller, the Domino Trio from Inglesina may be what you need.  This stroller can be configured so the children face you, or they face the direction you're walking.  For a basic single capacity stroller, check out the Ingelsina Espresso Stroller.  This item comes with a rain cover for added versatility, an adjustable handle, and a handy large basket for those trips to the market.

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