Induction cooktops - Pros & Cons

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Pros and Cons of Induction Cooktops To start off with the advantages, induction cooktops are fast, safe, cleaner, cooler, and energy efficient. A quart of water on a 3500 watt induction cooktop will boil in less than 3 minutes. There is no open flame, red-hot coil or other radiant elements to burn the chef. Cleaning is a breeze because the surface is smoother and cooler. The induction unit is extremely energy efficient since almost no heat or energy is wasted beyond the edge of the pan and because heating stops when the pan is removed. On the other side, disadvantages to an induction cooktop include it being more expensive and less versatile. Induction cooktops cost quite more than other cooktops and very small pans may not work on the induction cooker.
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