Inches to Centimeters for Twirling Batons & Flag Shafts

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Inches to Centimeters for Twirling Batons & Flag Shafts
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How Long is that Twirling Baton in Centimeters?

We adore our international customers and delight in the way that the internet and technology have brought us all closer. Our twirling batons and flag shafts are all made in the USA , and are labeled in inches. For our baton twirling and flag friends around the world, who are wondering just what size and length to purchase, here are some simple conversions!

12 inches = 30.48 centimeters (our itty bitty Baby Batons are just this long) 

14 inches = 35.56 centimeters (available in our Skinni Star batons) 

15 inches = 38.10 centimeters 

16 inches = 40.64 centimeters

17 inches = 43.18 centimeters 

18 inches = 45.72 centimeters 

19 inches = 48.26 centimeters

20 inches = 50.80 centimeters

21 inches = 53.34 centimeters 

22 inches = 55.88 centimeters 

23 inches = 58.42 centimeters 

24 inches = 60.96 centimeters 

25 inches = 63.50 centimeters 

26 inches = 66.04 centimeters 

27 inches = 68.58 centimeters 

28 inches = 71.12 centimeters 

29 inches = 73.66centimeters 

30 inches = 76.20 centimeters 

31 inches = 78.74 centimeters 

32 inches = 81.28 centimeters 

Additionally, twirling batons come in 3 different shaft thicknesses. Standard, thicker, and skinny...and here are those conversions:

3/8 inch = 0.9525 centimeters (the standard baton shaft thickness)

7/16 inch = 1.1113 centimeters (the thicker shaft, for intermediate and advanced twirlers)

5/16 inch = 0.3125 centimeters (the skinny shaft, available in our Skinni Star Batons from Star Line)

Be sure to visit Twirl Planet for your new Twirling Batons and Flags !  We have a full spectrum of styles and sizes.  We have student beginner batons , like the Star Line StarletSuper StarVenusCometSkinni Star , or the Rock' It , that meet the needs of the youngest child.  These are especially wonderful gifts for girls!  You can also shop for majorette batons and flags suitable for performers of any age.  Many of our customers twirled in the past and are often happily surprised at all the baton twirling moves and twirls that they still can do!  And for our littlest customers, the toy Baby Baton , makes a unique baby shower gift or souvenir.

Have questions about what size to purchase?  Then visit our guide about How to Measure for a Twirling Baton.

We look forward to your visit and helping you find just what you are looking for!

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