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Know Your Opponent

Knowing at what game a poker player performs at his/her best and the reason behind it is a difficult task. This knowledge is very important because poker games themselves are different from one another and they have different betting structures. Thus, these games require different skills and strategies. Basically, a poker player could win at poker when he/ she are well-equipped with high level of skill in a particular game. Understandably, he/she must be aware about the reason behind his/her winning. This will be extremely useful in optimizing his/her advantage against other poker players.

Analyze Yourself and Your Opponent

Most seasoned players are good at a particular aspect of a poker game. There are some common trends that show in what aspect a player will play well, better, or outright destroy you. Advanced poker players who commonly win have firm understanding and application of the Four Major Poker Skills. Moreover, advanced players have the experience and know-how in respect to the technical and psychological aspect of playing poker. They know how to take advantage by the use of pot odds and tight play. At the same time, they know when and what type of bluff to use in different types of poker and incorporate different playing styles.

The following are some of the values that a player must possess in playing the accompanying poker game:

Longhand Limit Hold’em

A poker player who would like to play Longhand Limit Hold'em should have good technical skills. Acquiring a lot of patience and understanding of the hand values are important in this type of poker game. Understanding an opponent's hand will greatly help a player to win in Limit Hold’em because several hands are going to a showdown. Aside from this, it is difficult to make a bluff at Longhand Limit and most of the time, making a river fold using pot odds is very risky.

Shorthand Limit Hold’em

A poker player aspiring to play Shorthand Limit Hold'em must be skillful in the technical and people aspect of poker. In analyzing shorthand games, people skill plays an important part and a very aggressive player usually fits in here. On the other hand, he/she must go back using standard poker strategy if the game is a loose one. For him/her to win, analyze first the game by using people skills then employ a poker technique.

No-Limit Hold’em

A poker player who would like to play No-Limit Hold'em should possess technical and people skills. Acquiring technical skills can aid a poker player in understanding the amount that he/she should bet and tolerate to call. On the other hand, people skills are helpful in determining a player's standard strategy and in putting other poker players on their cards. This type of game basically exploits the way players are using aggression in betting. In case other poker players are docile, a player can steal plenty of pots but fold when other players resist on his/her bluffs. However, have a lot of patience if other poker players are quite loose before trapping them. Try to beat them with just using one hand.


Basically, poker is a game that utilizes techniques and player's skills. In choosing the right game, a poker player who has a lengthy patience, knows how to play quality hands, and uses pot odds should stay at Limit Hold'em games. In case he/she is very good at playing poker because he/she knows the proper way of dealing with other players, he/she could stick on playing shorthand poker or No- Limit poker games.
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