I'm Confused... What Is Better... AMD Or Intel???

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I'm Confused... What Is Better... AMD Or Intel???

Written By:  Jeff H. Reynolds

Are you looking to upgrade your existing computer system or looking to purchase a new computer system?  Are you finding yourself confused as to whether to purchase an AMD or Intel based machine?  This is a common issue.  And, the answer isn't the most simple thing.  Both companies produce fine products that are well engineered and designed.  But...

In simple terms, you generally get more bang for the buck with AMD then you do with Intel. 

That is, an AMD system will generally run circles around a similarly priced Intel based system. 

I build custom machines and 9 out of 10 are going to be AMD based.  My customers generally want the best performance possible for their money... and that to me means AMD. 

AMD manufactures a broad line of processors.  Geode, Sempron, and Athlon are the common ones used in personal computers today.   The Geode chips aren't seen very often, and represent AMD's low end.  The Sempron chips are great 32bit processors.  (AMD is now selling Sempron 754 socket chips with the 64bit extensions activiated!!)  They have been sold in two socket designs... Socket "A", and Socket 754.   (The socket "A"  chips are no longer being manufactured.  They were good chips.  Using a 333mhz front side bus.  Most Socket "A" motherboards were designed for 200mhz and 266mhz front side bus chips.  This is an important thing to keep in mind if you are considering an upgrade of your processor.)  The Athlon processors are 64bit and are the best performing single core chips in the market place. 

Intel has the Celeron D and Pentium IV processors.  Intel has manufactured these chips in a number of sockets including 478 and 775.  (The 478 socket chips are being phased out.  And, the newest 775 chips are incorporating EM64T which is Intel's 64bit technology.)  

Though Intel's chips may have a higher/faster mhz speed, they don't necessarily perform better than the AMD chips.  The designs are different.  For this reason, you can't directly compare their mhz speeds. 

If you have the budget... consider going with AMD's new Dual Core processors.  They are absolutely amazing.  

Bottom line... if you have a limited budget and want a new machine... go with AMD!!

 You won't regret your choice. 

(Consider this... Dell just purchased AlienWare which manufactures the best gaming machines in the business.  AlienWare's highend equipment is AMD based.)
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