Ideal Toni Dolls from 1940's to 1950's Hard Plastics

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Ideal Toni Dolls from 1940's to 1950's Hard Plastics
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I am a doll collector who really loves collecting the Ideal Toni dolls with the Magic Nylon Hair that you could wash and set and curl.  They started making this doll in the late 1940's and later she was made in conjunction with the Gillete Co. to promote their Toni Play Wave Set.

A lot of articles have been written on Ideal Toni dolls by Lyn de Beer, John Axe, Judith Izen, Glenn Manndeville,  Cynthia Gaskill, Jan Foulke, Katie Jackman, Linda Holderbaum, and many other writers. They have written articles in magazines as well as in books and the information on this doll and her clothing styles is very intriquing and fascinating.

I have been working on writing a book on the Ideal Toni for a few years now. Takes a lot of time working on it.  It will be the first book written on ONLY TONI and there is lots of information to read about her. She is a lovely doll and very interesting to collect.

You can check out my Me Page for some information on Toni, and also how to find My Doll Store at The Doll Market Seller's Mall,  and Click on A Adorable Doll Shop - Owner Toniholic. I sell some original Toni dolls, clothes and items as well as some of the reproduction items for dolls.

Robert Tonner and Effanbee Co. have produced a new version of the 14" P90 Toni doll reproduction in a hard type vinyl, and they first came out in 2005. There was another line of dolls and clothes made in 2006 and also a 2007 line of items. These dolls are issued in Limited Editions.

There were also some porcelain Toni dolls made by a couple of different companies like The Danbury Mint, and also Collectible Concepts Co. The porcelain dolls didn't go over as well as the vinyl and the hard plastic versions have gone over, but they are beautiful none the less.


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