Ibanez jems from china

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Ibanez Jems are made only in japan not china even jem jrs are not made in china . The china guitars are copys cheap copys thats, why you can buy one for 200 bucks,  I have a jap model I paid 2000 dollars for my guitar and its built perfect in every way,  How do I know the build of the china copy my bandmate bought one for 9 dollars and 200 bucks shipping what a joke . He got the guitar and the pickups are no dimarzio  pick ups the trem is not a  rose trem its not even up  to the specs of a korean rg model.This guitar is a ok copy for some one who wants a jem copy but dont expect japanese workmanship on a 200 dollar guitar.  my band mate got this guitar in the pic from a seller called Great Wall Guitar club. They allso sell Gibson guitars made in china . Gibson is made in The US only and they sell  a  so called gibson standard for  300 bucks last time I looked a  US made Gibson they were like 1500 to 2000 bucks , any way if you want a  ibanez copy or gibson copy these guitars are ok. I now my self wont buy a guitar like a gibson or Jem unless I get to see and hold the guitar many people are buying these copies and putting them on ebay as the real deal hey buy a gibson copy for 300 bucks, and list it as a Gibson on ebay and sell for 3000 dollars thats some profit !! Most sellers on ebay are honest but if I am going to spend 3000 dollars on a gibson I need to see and hold the guitar and document its the real deal .  So if  Great wall of guitars tell you That Their jems are real They allso tell ya Gibson is made in china !
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