Hugo Boss fakes

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Hugo Boss fakes
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You can get a lot of good information from the people who 'know' how to spot a fake.
My experience in telling a Hugo Boss fake is not from being in the fashion industry, but from buying a whole lot of Hugo Boss. :)

My story:
As the economy is changing and we are all trying to save money, I decided to check out ebay for a good deal on Hugo Boss.

I ended up being the only/winning bidder on an Einstein/Sigma Hugo Boss suit which I've paid retail for at Hugo Boss (see pictures in the link below for proof of receipts) sold by Ceasarsrevenge, who apparently sells alot of older music related items.

The suit arrives, and within 30 minutes I took pictures out of disgust and amazement.  I sent an Ebay message to Ceasarsrevenge and cut and pasted exactly here.. I can't dispute this yet for a few mroe days (ebay policy) but will, obviously.. I am writing this to try to help you become more aware.

Anyway, this is exactly how the dialogue went:
ME: "Ok. as I'm sure you've expected, I'm planning to send this back and expect the shipping to be paid.   You sent it - I'm looking at what you sent.. Enough said. How many other fake items have you sent to people? and listed in pristine condition??  Depending on your response and my mood, if/when I leave negative feedback, if this suit is still in my possession by tomorrow, I am going to leave a Llnk on the feedback where other people can see the pictures that I took with comments."

Ceasarsrev.. "Dude. Those holes were not in the suit when we sent it to you.  Send back the item, we'll gladly auction it to someone else...  You should be ashamed of yourself."

ME: "I should be ashamed of myself? And knowing that you sold this with the holes (you are going to sell it to someone else??)? I can't dispute this until the 4th. The easier you make this, the less I'll probably feel about letting people know about your ethics.  If you turn this around and state this is my doing again, we're done talking."

Me (2nd message): Saying they weren't there? I just got the suit about 30 min ago. The time here is logged and is evidenced by the time logged at the post office, so in the matter of 30 minutes why would I poke holes in a "$950" suit that I just got.  You're going to pay for the shipping and then for the full price of this and are not going to resell it if you are listing it as 'pristine condition'.

..and there you have it..  Nothing altered or changed from this dialogue.  There were a few other messages with name calling and were not included here.  (I can say with my hand on a stack of bibles that this is a word, the messages with nothing addeded, deleted, altered and/or other.

I took a few close up pictures with comments at photbucket.  The account name is Ceasarsrevengesuit.  If you search for that in the search box and then enter, it will then ask if you are looking for the user Ceasarsrevengesuit.. click here.  and judge for yourselves.

Ok, so..
Top Designers such as Hugo Boss have certain quality standards which are immediately apparent
the Hugo Boss Einstein Sigma Line is a black label highest end garment from HB to which you will be able to tell the quality immediately.
the problem is, for someone not familiar or with a certain designer, it can be difficult to really tell if there is no label on the suit (tho that's an obvious indication  right there..  I see fake ties all the time with the stitching over the label, which means the designer didn't do it.. the seller did.. could be a fake
label, could be from a different tie, etc.. ) OR in this case where there is a brand new looking label on the suit that's at least 20 years old, the buyer might not be sure if it's real. Best thing to do, is simply take it to a department store and ask! I super familiar with the Einstein Sigma Line and most HB mens clothing that I can spot (at least a bad) fake in a sec.
TIP : If the labels look new but the suit looks REALLY old it's probably a fake so question it.  (In my case, the suit looks like it's been washed too often) indicated by faded material but the labels look MINT. C'mon.

Things to look for (a side from a label which could easily be faked):
=The stitching - If you buy Ralph Lauren for example, you might not get the best stitching if you buy the Lauren line (lowest end Green label). If you buy Polo, you should expect it to be a quality garment. In the photos in this example, costs were saved in the materials in the stitching that once retailed for a grand isn't going to look this way.
=The Materials - It's hard to sometimes tell if a designer is real or not based on materials used.  For example, Armani, sometimes doesn't use the best quality materials, yet the clothing is usually super expensive (the stitching will always be spot on, however).
=The Style - In my case with the Hugo Boss suit, I've owned several of them, so immediately upon looking at it, I knew it WASN'T an Eistein/Sigma suit nor Hugo Boss suit. I could tell from the cut (or lack there of) of the suit, the pockets inside the suit, and quite frankly, I could tell from the bottons and pants fly.. I'm sure anyone could tell in this THIS case! I have a slight advantage here though in that I compared it to another Einstein Sigma in my closet (competely different suit!) UGH!! lol

In my case again when, Ceasarsrevenge acknowledges that he sold a damaged product and then says he'll sell it to another person, indicates shadiness..
This was after the fact, and by then, the item was already here. Sadly, his feedback WAS 100% and looks as if he's just started selling designer clothes.  With high feedback it's really hard anymore to tell who to trust on ebay and who not...
FYI, for those considering buying somethign from Ceasarsrevenge, I have nothing to gain from writing this other than I feel taken advantage of and will be out the cost of shipping to send it back since ebay won't want to get involved. I am completely disgusted as there were several holes in the garmet and several moths/silverfish, etc. didn't travel with this suit!  Can you imaging that now I invited these bugs into the house. Thanks!!

Anyway, lastly,the best thing you can do, since I believe checking feedback is good but not great, is to have closeups taken of the garment.  If I buy a tie, I ask for closeups of the labels... (AS for feedback, I happen to have 1 negative from someone who later made a mistake, admitted it to leaving it under his 2nd account and then said what I sent him was great.. so again, don't always go by that)..
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