How to tell if they're AUTHENTIC Nike Air Force Ones 1s

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How to tell if they're AUTHENTIC Nike Air Force Ones 1s
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    I am a NIKE Air Force Ones LOVER if there ever were one. I'm writing this guide so that people can tell the difference between AUTHENTIC (real) and Variant (fake) NIKE Air Force Ones. First off, they're HOT,  and just about every cool artist have a pair so it'll be a GREAT addition to shoe lovers collections if they don't already own a pair. The sad thing about it is that I ONLY have 6 pairs (but I am a college student and times may get hard from time to time, lol but anyway) and by now I can tell if Nike Air Force Ones are authentic or not. Ok for real NIKE Air Force Ones, the design of the shoe: 1) they are nice and evened out, 2) gum bottoms, 3) small holes at the foot of the shoes, 4)two large NIKE checks (one on each side), 5)the NIKE logo ontop of NIKE check and the word AIR under it located above where the heel of your foot would be (in the back), 6) the bottom should have a design that looks like 2 circles that have many rings with lines connecting them and the NIKE logo atop of the NIKE check where the arch of your foot would be, and 7)the inside sole should have a symbol that (if holding the shoe sideways) should look like a capital L with a lowercase e ontop of the leg of the L with the NIKE check in the hole of e.

On eBay, (mostly) if they really are aunthentic then sellers will tell you and in BOLD because they are....... uuummm, let's see.....PROUD of selling authentic NIKE Air Force Ones. Others will most likely try to work around the authencity of their products, they will not come straight out and say that they are fake but will say that they are "factory variants", "variants", or just won't say at all which really means that they aren't AUTHENTIC. But just in case, here's some ways that you may tell if they're fake: 1)the foot of the shoe seems high and may look like orthepedic shoes, 2)you may see glue where the seems are supposed to be shut, and 3) the inside does not have that L/e logo with the NIKE check in it but just a plain NIKE check or some other symbol.

I know that it may be kind of hard to tell the difference for beginners but this is because the people making the variants (fakes) are getting better at it. I hope this help those that are in or want to become apart of the HipHop and Pop generation. And YES, HipHop/Rap artists as well as POP artists are wearing them, what can I say except that they're HOT!!!! So step your shoe game up and grab a pair of AUTHENTIC NIKE Air Force Ones & remember, they're for everyone!!!



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