How to tell fake Vuitton watches

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How to tell fake Vuitton watches
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To be perfectly honest i am so sick of seeing all the fake Vuitton watches on ebay! picking out the authentic watches from fake replica ones...

First off people if you really like a watch on ebay find the model number and go to louis vuitton website type that model in and compare the pictures!  I found 2 watches on ebay right now that honestly look perfect except the fact that the chronograph was different numbers compared to the original.  I have saw a LV277 on ebay where the inside of the watch was slightly different color than the outside... Where as the fake watch was the same color throughout the watch face.. A lot of watches now a days have automatic as a feature and if you can see a picture of the back and it is see through... The fake has a bunch of flowers and LV's where as the authentic one only has one LV symbol.. Also a huge thing to remember when looking at louis vuitton watches is the watch band its self... remember louis vuitton is a HIGH end fashion so if you see a cheap leather band you will know its fake.. pretty much all louis vuitton watches have alligator watch bands although some have rubber bands and some all leather with the embossed flowers and LV's, but once again check the website to see which watch has which band.. A little research will go a long way between buying a fake watch that is worthless and an authentic watch that will hold its value for years to come!

If they have crappy pictures ask for more you are spending your hard earned money you deserve it!

Know what the box that vuitton watches come in if there is any other kinds of cheap boxes once again they are fake then... most vuitton watches come in a tan leather box with a zipper around the top..

Another thing that i would recommend is that you say to the person before bidding i will go to a louis vuitton store and get the watch authenticated and if fake i will ask paypal for refund.. most times they will tell you if its a replica or not... and i honesty think you should get your watch authenticated to make sure if you have spent your money wisely..

Also please check the louis vuitton website such as i saw a LV277 watch with a starting bid of 200 US dollars.. the watch retails for 15,000!!

Sometimes the replica watches look just as good as the authentic ones and most times are a great deal, but spending 250-500 US dollars on those watches are a serious waste of money because they are only worth very little money! An authentic watch can last you a lifetime and i am sure a replica watch will not last a longtime in most cases.. but most of all authentic watches hold their value and will always sell for big bucks!

There are some honest sellers and not so honest sellers so be careful who you put your money on! :)
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