How to tell a Fake Brighton Handbag!

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Ok, So you think it might be Fake...It probably is!

Ok Sorry about the intro. but it is true. If something is too good to be true, what did our mother's always tell us then it probably is! We all want a good deal though, that's why we are shopping on ebay. Otherwise we would be in Sak's in New York or Nordstrom's in Los Angeles. Trust me people are not that generous either to have paid $500 for the purse and simply just going to give it to you for $20. So check on retail price versus what they have it listed as and always, always ask where they bought it from, but just remember people will lie and say "It was a gift"...Sure we love gifts but don't think instead of returning it to the store they are such a sweet person to sell it on ebay for nothing. So just put yourself in there shoes and if the story doesn't match or you wouldn't do it, like I mentioned if I received a "gift" of a Brighton purse and didn't like it you better bet I would be heading down to the store to exchange it and not just going to accept a couple bucks for it.

Okay for the 8 Red Flags:

  1. Check the location of the seller. In many cases sellers from Asia are selling replica bags. Why because the laws in those lands do not adhere to any strict code for reproduction. Beware of anything coming from China, Korea and Singapore especially.
  2. Check the wrapping of the bag. No brighton purse has plastic or paper wrapping on the hardware or the straps. Replicas usually do this to fool you, don't buy it.
  3. Make sure to ask where purchased. If they say online, kindly ask where? Because Brighton DOES NOT sell any purses online at all. You have to go into a Brighton boutique to purchase.
  4. Do research on what the purse should look like. Look at the Brighton website and go to the stores. Brighton always sticks to the same strong qua;ity guidelines, know them and use them.
  5. Take a close look at the purse and what it includes. Authentic New Brighton Purses always come with a registration card, dust bag and tags.
  6. Can they show a receipt? Of course their personal information should be covered.
  7. Watch out for those who sell large quantities of the same item. Brighton only makes 10 designs at the same time. They put a lot of effort into having something fresh and keeping it personal. So Brighton boutiques do not have 50 of the same design on hand they are small boutiques and don't carry that many. More then 3 should put up a flag.
  8. The serial number. It should begin with "E" and the stitching on it does not overlap the serial number. If suspicious call a local Brighton boutique and ask if they have that number.

Ok, there you have it the 8 Red Flags to buying online. I hope this helps and remember you deserve the original not the fake!

*I am not affiliated to any Brighton boutique, nor have I ever worked at one. I am just a happy customer who has gotten to know her local Brighton store and want to pass my knowledge down to you so you don't support fakes.

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