How to spot fake bebes in a second?

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How to spot fake bebes in a second?
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How to spot fake bebes in a second?

Many of my dearest buyers have asked me how to distinguish authentic bebe and fake bebe items on ebay. Well, from my past over three years experience of dealing with bebe, I have now decided to make some tips for you to easily spot fakes in a second. Here we go~

1. Sizes

Bebe has NEVER produced any items with sz Large or above; for pants, the biggest sz is 12 (or 31 by waist). Have seen sz XL, XXL, or even XXXL? All fakes!

2. Colors

The colors of bebe logo shirts change every season. For example, the current pink shade shirt is called "petunia", the older one from last season is called "pointsettia". They are NOT just all "baby pink" or "dark pink." Have seen those pinky pink shirts all year around? Again, fakes! However, the ONLY exceptions are classic white and black colors. Not sure how to tell if they are real? Check out the third step.

3. SKU/Style number

Have you ever noticed those little numbers on an authentic bebe shirt tag? They are not just random numbers. They are like our driver license with all the information coded, such as color, sz, etc. The Style number is a 12-digit code which always appears as the first line on tag. Bought a shirt on ebay that looks authentic, but not really sure? Bring the tag and the shirt to any bebe local stores to have a check. Does the description of the shirt match with the shirt in your hand? If not, OH fakes.

4. Material/Fabric

Bebe is known for its quality. All of their items are made of the finest fabric and have been cut to enhance your body lines. Have seen sequins that easily fall off, shirts are too thin or can be easily ripped off? Maybe it’s time to have a check...

5. Overstocked items

Bebe does NOT offer wholesale to any individuals. They only sale overstocked items at their own outlet stores and the quantity is very limited. They do NOT remake the same shirt (same color, same style) over and over. Once they are gone, they are gone. There is NO such thing like "obtain a large number of the same shirt from a wholesaler." Any ebayer said or meant that to you before? Should have rung a bell in your head.

6. Fakes are cheaper, right?

If you think that fakes are cheaper, then be prepared to be laughed by those fake bebe sellers. A regular bebe rhinestone logo long sleeve shirt costs about $44USD when it first hit the store. After a month or a even shorter period of time, some of them will be go on sale at a 50% off rate, which costs $22USD plus tax. The average price of a poor quality fake bebe long sleeve shirt on ebay is about $18USD + Shipping (usually around $5USD)= $23USD, and some of the rhinestone pieces may fall off after the first time you wash it. After washing several times, the shirt may be gone and so does your money. Happy to see the result? Even snow lasts longer in winter than that. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to meet a 65% off sale event at bebe, you can easily get the same shirt with a high quality and a 21-day exchange time guarantee for less than $20USD (including tax). Will you be happier to wear it? Sure, you do.

All of the above tips are some of the easiest and most common ways to spot fake bebes. Hope they help, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. Please remember that ebay needs your help to make shopping easier, quicker, and safer. Thank you for taking your time reviewing this. Wish you all have fun on ebay~(^o^)~

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