How to spot fake Louis Vuitton multicolore speedy 30

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  • Here's a few tips to buying an authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 on Ebay:

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  • Replica handbags no matter how authentic they look always come up short, theres no way you can get the same quality craftsmanship in a bag made for $100 or $200 as a Louis Vuitton that retails for $1900-no way, so here's a few tell-tell signs:

  • Stitching is very important, Louis Vuitton handbags are super luxury, they pay very close details to their stitching, after all their bags retail in the thousands. If you see sloppy stitching or double stitching (like they went over the same spot more than once) It's a Fake!

  • This is a very important one, fake multicolore LV bags never get the colors as bold and as vivid as the authentic ones, they always look faded. (If your not sure what the colors should be visit the LV offical website) This means it's fake!

  • Bags with small white round tags that have LV on it and/or a sample of the canvas fabric. Soooo Fake!

  • Comes with a luggage tag -TOO FAKE! Authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy bags do not come with luggage tags

  • Does the leather look almost white or super pale - YEAH, it's fake! .

  • The hardware on your bag should not be awkward in anyway the locks should be aligned, on a fake speedy the clasps and locks may sometimes be off centered or crooked. Yep again, its fake!

  • Look and see if the keyhole for the key thats on the clochette actually has a deep enough hole for the key to fit in, a lot of the replica handbags have a keyhole, but when you try to stick the key in its not deep enough for the key to even turn in it, TOTALLY FAKE!  

  • Heres a few more quick checklist items to proving if your bag is the real thing:

  • You get a $1900 bag for $400 or $500 brand new-Fake! (i'm all for a good sale, but lets be realistic)

  • Beware of sellers using stock photos, or photos that are not close up and showing detail

  • Beware of sellers with negative feedback concerning authenticity, beware of sellers that don't accept returns (All sales final? why is this), always deal with sellers that offer at least a 30 day return (cash refund, not exchange). This will allow you time to take the bag to your nearest Louis Vuitton boutique and have it authenticated. 

  • Your seller has lots of these bags, how is that when Louis Vuitton doesn't sell wholesale? Hmmmm, just something to consider.

  • Plastic on the straps -FAKE ! FAKE ! FAKE!

  • Look at the dustbag, if its not pictured request a picture, is it super thin and cheap looking, can practically see through the cloth-totally fake, Louis vuitton takes pride in everything it does and why would they skimp on the bag thats supposed to be used to protect your  bag when your not wearing it? Another thing with replicas sometimes they'll send your bag with a dust bag thats way too big or barely fits your bag, you know an authentic bag would have the proper size dust bag, you would never want to stuff your expensive handbag in the dust bag. I own expensive handbags and even every stitch on the dust bag is perfect.

  • Is the lining velvet? Is should'nt be it should be microfiber

  • No # 30 under the leaf -Fake!, but this can be easily faked

  • There should be a tag with a barcode(with the proper french name), not just a care booklet and tag that says its made of cowhide and canvas etc (please note none of the tags should be attached to the bag)

  • Look at the card it comes with is it black or yellow-Fake! and is it in a brown envelope or green metallic looking envelope with a cheap looking Louis Vuitton sticker -right again, its fake, rule of thumb if it looks tacky like a piece of the canvas hanging from the bag, cheap plastic circle clamp that says LV, If any aspect of it looks cheap, know its not an authentic Louis vuitton, they are the leaders in quality & luxury and won't skimp on any details.

  • But the seller has the receipt, don't be fooled by this either. Replica companies provide these along with the purchase of the handbag. Their normally a light tan color (they come blank & the seller can fill out the receipt with any information they wish) supposedly from a LV  boutique or the one with the truck on it supposedly from a LV boutique also. You can tell if the receipt was printed at home too, it will be out of line and not very professional looking etc.

  • The bottom line of all of this is selling AND BUYING replica handbags are ILLEGAL, why take the risk of going to jail? Why spend your hard earned $500 on a fake LV that was manufactured in China or elsewhere for $50 (Your certainly not getting your moneys worth). Go buy a nice designer bag, a nice Coach, Dooney & Burke or save up for that authentic Louis Vuitton and get your money worth!

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