How to spot a fake non-authentic Guess Bag or Wallet!

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How to spot a fake non-authentic Guess Bag or Wallet!
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Fake Guess Bags/Wallets are everywhere these days. Actually there are not much to tell you whether its real as unlike LV or Chanel bags, they don't come with code number & their collections are wide. You can be confused of the many Guess Models. But I will give you a bit of insights of how to spot the fakes one to avoid disappointment


  • First is the inside lining of the bag. 
          It should never look like these 2 photos above.. It's too unprofessional.
  • Second is the Guess Logo on the Dust Bag. It should be like this-
          Just GUESS & nothing else. Like this authentic Guess Bag & Dust bag-   
  • Third is the price. If its ridiculously low for a brand new bag, then you better do some research.
  • Fourth, Do not be fooled by the Guess Tags. Original Guess Tags usually have the bar code, model number & price. This is one example of a fake bag & tag-
  • Fifth, if buying Guess Wallets, the box should be red or white, with GUESS by Marciano on it, they should look like this-
         Examples of Fakes Guess Box-

But whatever it is, you should always do your research before buying. They can look real but fake. From my experience, I know that the models or designs of the fake Guess Bags are unlike the authentic. Very different. Unlike LV bags & other very expensive branded bags, they don't follow closely of the designs. I would rather pay higher for an Original, rather then pay little to find out its fake. I will upload more pictures if I find them. In the mean time, happy shopping!
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