How to spot Fake items.

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Its easier for you to find a fake item than to find and authentic jersey.!!!
I'm going to give you the tell tales of hose to find a fake item.

1-Authentic jerseys - Have Tackle twill on the numbers.! If the jersey you bought has numbers which the fabric resembles the one of an umbrella.! that jersey is fake.!

2-SLEEVES - Patches on the sleeves should be a PATCH. No embroidery.! if your jersey has for example the falcon of the atlanta falcons embroidered in the sleeve.! then that jersey is fake. Authentic jerseys use PATCHES!!!  those patches are then stiched into the jersey.!!!
Why Is that.?? Well becuase the people that make fake jersey can't afford to move th jerseys out of the production line.Since stiching the patch  will requiered the jersey to be in 2 or 3 extra different step before finishing it! the FAKE makers just use embroidered. CHEAPER.

3-Most fake jerseys are made in korea and in asia. NOt all jersey made in asia are fakes!! But if your jersey has #1 and number #2 points! (points above) and then its made in asia! then that jersey is a fake.

4-FAKE NBA jerseys have the NBA Logo as a patch ! while it should be backwards.! NAB authentic have the NBA patch embroidered in the chest.!! and fake jerseys have the nba logo as a patch. Stiching should be the same! Zig Zag stiching. Each color should be a different layer of fabric (tackle twill)
Old Champion , russell used the NBA logo as a patch. But the big boys now a days RBK and nike use embroidery.

5-ASK the SELLER. ask the seller if he is 100% sure his jerseys are authentics! If he says ..My supplier told me they are...." or "I don't know , I think they are " Well..thats your answer .! those are fake item. ASK the seller for a picture of the patch that goes in the sleeves.! or the patch on the the chest.!

Replica jerseys do not provide as bigger proffits as authentics do. So I'm jet to see any fake replica jerseys.! Same thing with swingman or semi pro jerseys.! I have not seen any fake jerseys. IF YOU seen any please let me know so I can check them out..

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