How to spot Fake Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts

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How to spot Fake Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts
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We are writing this guide on Fake Ralph Lauren Polo shirt.

We have included points of how to spot genuine Ralph Lauren Polo shirts.

  • Real Ralph Lauren Polo are generally made in sri lanka or philippines. (however they are made in other countries we have just found this is mainly where they are made)
  • The label should have black stitching around the edge.
  • Also the label should be stitched in with the same colour thread as the polo shirt (so if you had a red polo the label would be sewn in with red thread).
  • The back of the label should be threaded not smooth.
  • Obviously quality of the material.
  • If a seller says they get the directly from the factory they are almost definately fake as this simply does not happen with Ralph Lauren and Chinese wholesalers often say this to people to try and convince them they are authentic.(Ocasionally you may get a shop which sells on ebay which may get them from Ralph Lauren)
  • The position of the Polo player varies depending on the style of polo shirt sometimes it is in line with the bottom buttons even if people say otherwise as you can find polo shirt's like this on the official site.This can also vary from different seasons.
  • Price remember these sell for £55- £60 in top stores you are unlikely to find a genuine one for under £30 (Unless it is an individual selling it as an unwanted gift or used item).

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