How to spot Fake, Knock-Off's, Counterfit Items...

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How to spot Fake, Knock-Off's, Counterfit Items...
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How to spot fakes!

Just be Aware! Some sellers will catch your attention, just by using designer names you're most likely to search for. Read the item descriptions carefully, to search for tell-tale phrases like "Inspired By" or "Replica". These alert you to the fact that the merchandise isn't AUTHENTIC. But still may gives seller protection from trademark infringement. Of course this only works if the seller is somewhat honest.

If the price seems too good to be true it probably is!

Chances are, if the price of those brand name sunglasses seems just too good to be true, it probably is. If you're looking at brand name sunglasses, at a ridiculously cheap price. Then they are more than likely fakes or replicas. A genuine product cost money for a Manufacture to make, and more money for a retailer to buy and resell. A legitimate retailer can NOT stay in business, if they are selling the real thing at 85% off the retail price. Always buy from a Trusted Seller! Check there (FEEDBACK)! And know you are getting a decent price, on a brand name product. While assuring you of the best quality and protection for your eyes.

Buying counterfeit sunglasses can put your vision at risk.

It may seem to be a no-brainer, that buying knock-off Sunglasses for less money my be the way to go. But did you know! Buying fake designer sunglasses have a higher risk than just sporting lesser quality. According to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC), counterfeit sunglasses shatter easily. But the real danger is from UV and Polarized light. The truth is 100% of all polarized replica eyewear have no polarization protection at all, most do not even protect against UV light. Just because the tag says it dose Does Not Make It So….

In 2004, the IACC reported. That approximately 14% of the $127 million counterfeit products seized, by U.S. Customs. Were fashion-related items, including (sunglasses). That adds up to a lot of people risking their eyes for fashion! So that bargain pair of Knock-Off Sunglasses you got for $29.99 That normally sells for $400.00 Doesn't seem like such a good deal now, does it?

What To Look For….

  • Workmanship: Look at the quality of the glasses. Most fakes are made of cheaper materials. That will feel lighter than premium originals. Compare photos to Manufactures photos. If they are not similar, this could indicate a fake.

  • Logo / Markings: Look carefully at the logos, logo quality. Fakes will usually have different fonts or sizes in writing. Look at the difference in the logo or lettering form one side to the other. Check papers and fabric tags. If they are made of cheaper lightweight materials, that a sing they may not be Authentic.

  • Packaging: Glasses sold unpackaged, or in unmarked plastic / felt sleeves. Are a sure sign of knock-off’s.

  • Arm Markings: Check the inside arms, they list frame size, color, model #, where they were made, etc. This info should be correct.

  • Model #: Make sure the manufacture make that model number. Knock-off’s tend to have numbers that are NOT listed by the manufacture…

I hope, I have helped you in some way! You can Test your fake spotting skills at: THE INTERNATIONAL ANTICOUNTERFEITING COALITION.  (website)


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