How to set up an ebay Store

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The trick to setting up an ebay store is organization, and volume. In order for your store to be successfull you need to have a pretty specific inventory, ie dvds, dolls, comic books, baseball cards, or anything else you want to specialize in. Visitors to your store might be turned off to purchasing items if you contain too much variety. By having too many different items, you might damage your credibility to a buyer. For example, you wouldn't buy a top sirloin steak from a hardware store, or a hammer from a restaurant. It just doesnt make any sense. You are alotted tweny category names, and it helps to be in between broad and specific. You dont want to be too specific because then you might not get as many people to see your item, but not too broad because then a buyer might not see the one item that they do want, and not want to search through hundreds of items. Its a good rule of thumb to use at least five categories. When setting prices be sure to factor in how much you would like for the item, and then add to that price the amount of the ebay fees for a final value fee. This way you are always getting the exact price that you want for an item. A lot of people forget the fees involved, and wind up making very little profit, or even losing money. One of the best ways to increase sales is to offer a shipping discount. Because sometimes the amount to ship an item might deter a potential buyer from purchasing the item, offering a shipping discount will not only encourage them to buy more items to save money on shipping, but also might decide for them that it is ok to purchase the first item with the shipping fee, because it is going save them money on other  items that they will now purchase. Another good way to drive up sales, is to offer Free shipping on purchases totaling over an amount chosen by you. For example, you could have free shipping on orders over $20.  Once again this will encourage buyers to purchase more items to get a good deal. But be sure that you factor in the promotion to your prices, for the same reasons that I mentioned above. Keep your prices competitive, but at the same time, it only costs 24 cents a year to list an item, or 2 cents a month, so dont panic if your item sits for a little while, always be sure you are getting a good price for your item, or it is just not worth the time. A great way to drive traffic into your store, is to list auctions with items related to your store inventory, and mention the great items in your store, and provide a store header in your aucition so that the buyer can easily browse your store. A great way to do this is to have a free shipping promotion for purchases over a certain amount, and it is also a great way to promote return buyers. Follow these guidelines, and your store will flourish. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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