How to set up a home salon

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How to set up a home salon
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Setting up a home salon will save you thousands of dollars if you do it right. First thing is to get all education and licensing needed either by state, local and city. Some governments require extra permits, please look into all of the above listed. Next you will need a very good accountant. Remember home stylists, you have to pay your taxes in order to collect social security in the long run. Also, a good accountant will know what's taxable and what is not by having an in home salon. Make sure that your salon is set apart from the rest of your living quarters. You wouldn't want the family watching their favorite program while your wrapping a perm in the middle of the same room, and it's easier to take certain tax credits if the salon is 'off to itself'. Next will be your furnishings, you don't have to purchase the top of the line, state of the art equipment, but nice will do just fine. Keep it bright, welcoming and clean, remember the first impression. Please add a shampoo bowl. There are still many home stylist who will shampoo hair in the kitchen or bathroom sink, remember, this is a profession and this is also your livelyhood. Some clients will actually gag at the thought of leaning over into a kitchen sink to get their hair shampooed, and some will cringe at your 'professional prices' after they had to uncomfortably lean over into a non professional sink. Have a separate phone line in your salon, there is a tax break for that! Make sure you have all supplies needed on hand at all times, set aside 1 day per week to do all of your shopping for the salon. Either make a list or take your appointment book with you.

That's it! You're all ready to start reaping the benefits of a home salon without extra overhead a commercial salon would bring.

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