How to sell successfully on Ebay!

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How to Sell Successfully on Ebay!

I have been selling on Ebay for several years now to supplement my income.  I am known as the "Ebay Queen" at the school where I teach!  Everyone that wants to start to sell on Ebay comes to me for advice.  This summer, I was even approached by a local merchant to help them set up an Ebay Store....I did and Hall2517 now has a very successful shoe store business on the web, as well as in our rural community.

The first thing that is important when beginning to sell is do your research.  Check out other auctions that are selling similar items to yours, see the category that was used.  If the item isn't selling....Don't Use That Category!

Second, please check your spelling.  Many great items go unsold or undersold due to simple spelling mistakes.  If someone wants to buy a specific item, they are going to know how to spell it and you should too!

Third, and I consider very important, presentation, presentation, presentation!  Make your ad attractive, use different colors (each time you change colors in words your brain "reawakens" and remembers better, and you really want people to remember your item!).

I hope that this guide has been helpful!

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