How to sell a Laptop & how not to

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How to sell a Laptop & how not to
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 Ok, so you want to know how to sell a Laptop/Notebook computer and not get Negative feedback, or and angry customer. Below is that guide.

  First off let me tell you this, don't try to charge $40 shipping just to the U.S. there isn't much of anywhere that can't be shipped via USPS or UPS for $30 or less.

  Now, I see alot of this:

    Working laptop, AS-IS NR 1.2Ghz

    Dell Laptop works great - powerhouse

 Now the thing with this is its generally turns out to be a lie since they usually don't work. You click on the link and somewhere, sometimes in very tiny print it says "does not boot", "Needs new screen", or "needs minor repairs"   The thing is thats just the same as lying. If it doesn't boot and stay booted then its NOT Working. Especially if you don't have a screen or a working screen for it.

  Below are all things you should mention when listing your Laptop/Notebook computer:

    State if the keyboard has all its keys and whether they all work correctly or not, the same applies to the mouse and its buttons.

    State whether the screen has any imperfections or blemishes, and whether there's a screen or not. Also mention if its cracked or scratched in any way, and if it suffers from dead pixels or discoloration in the image.

   State what kind of condition the outside of the Laptop/Notebook is in. (e.g. Scratches, dings, writing, cracks or missing/broken parts.)

  Whether or not the battery works or not and if the unit comes with an AC adapter or not (you'll get more for your laptop/notebook if you include both the battery and AC adapter)

  List all the stats about the computer that you can find out, for example "USB, PS2, Serial, Parallel, and VGA ports. If you need to know whats in your computer, goto: and download the program called "PCMark®2002 Free Version" it'll let you know whats in there.

  Goto the manufacturers website and try to find all relevant info on the product you are selling. Doing this increases sales as well.

  Mention whether or not its been refurbished or even tested at all (testing the computer will also increase sales because people want to know about its working condition)


     Things to do and not do when selling that Laptop/Notebook computer


  •  Include all the install CDs/DVD that come with the laptop/notebook
  •  Include the COA (certificate of authenticity) and the OS (installed on the harddrive) (this greatly increases sales and customer satisfaction)
  •  Clean the outside of the computer and the screen
  •  Include actual pictures of the item (this greatly increases sales)
  •  Include a refund policy if it arrives DOA (this greatly increases sales and customer satisfaction)
  •  Have a 30 day money back warrenty on the item  (this greatly increases sales and customer satisfaction)
  •  Answer any questions the customer may have in a very timely manner (and politely)  
  •  Replace and defective, broken or missing parts (otherwise state if they are missing)
  •  In the title during listing, tell what brand it is and what model number it is, as well as what Mhz or Ghz it runs at, and if it has an OS and what OS that is.  (e.g.  Dell 2600 1.2Ghz Pentium 3 with Windows XP Pro Works + NR) That title would get a bidders attention very quickly, also the following would work.  "Dell 2600 P3 1.2Ghz 20Gb HD XP Pro Working + NR"



  • Try to sell the indevidual parts from a complete working laptop/notebook since there are already very few complete working laptops/notebook computers
  • Strip the computer of its original parts and replace them with lesser parts in order to sell the better parts seperatly as upgrades
  • Remove the OS and the COA (certificate of authenticity) from the computer and try to sell them indevidually
  • Try to sell the battery and AC adapter seperatly and tell the bidder you don't have them (this happens alot too!)
  • Damage or leave anything out just because you didn't get the price you wanted
  • Set a reserve at a price way higher than the item is worth (e.g.  a Pentium 3 700Mhz with a 10Gb hard drive with Windows XP home and 128mb of ram isn't worth $300 or even $200, no matter what company makes it!)
  • Get carried away with shipping, unless your listing includes alot of items and you don't have the box on hand to ship it in there is NO reason that the shipping should be more than $25
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