How to remove glue from baby jars!!

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After a lot of time and frustration I found what I believe to be the best way to remove the glue from baby jars. When I say time and frustration I really mean it I tried rubbing alcohol, soap, nail polish remover, scraping it with my nails and various other sharp objects, and soaking for days on end. I even tried to see if there was a guide on ebay since people sell the empty baby jars. No such luck. I was left with a headache and smeared glue. It's easy and you do not have to go out and buy anything. So hopefully this will save you some time:

Soak the jar with the label on in soap water.

When the label is soaked through just use your finger nail and scrape the glue off with the label.

The most important part is that you do not remove the label first then try to remove the glue!!

Unfortunately I had already removed most of the labels on my jars since I reused the jars for homemade baby food. I only figured out this easy way to remove the glue when I had a new jar to clean. Hope you enjoyed my first guide and hope it helps!! If anyone has any other good ways to remove the glue I am sure a lot of people would be glad if you submitted a guide!


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