How to remove fuzz balls from your sweaters

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No More Fuzz Balls

Did you ever have a favorite sweater that accumulated a million fuzz balls? I have found a remedy on how to remove fuzz balls and get that sweater looking brand new again! This tecnique may come as a surprise to you, but believe me I care for my sweaters like this all the time and they come out looking brand new.

First, remove any fur collars from your sweaters. Then, gather your same colored light weight sweaters (like my Copper Key sweater) together and place them in the gentle washing machine cycle for a few minutes with a gentle soap such as Dreft. Let them spin on gentle cycle and then do the same for the rinse, but this time add your fabric softener. After the spin cycle is completed, remove your sweaters from the washing machine and immediately iron them! Hang them on a very thick hanger until they are completely dry. When they finish drying, they will look like you just purchased them from the store. One day I washed my daughter's sweater and ironed it afterwards then hung it in her bedroom. She came to me and said; "Mom, how did you get that sweater looking like that again; I was about to throw that away!"

When you iron the sweater, you actually iron the fuzz balls down! No more cutting fuzz balls and no more picking them out!

Try it! You will never wash your sweaters any other way again.  

Very bulky sweaters, or ruched gathered sweaters will be a bit more difficult to iron.

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