How to remove a tight ring from your finger

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How to remove a tight ring from your finger
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We hope that this guide will help you out, Our #1 choice for removing a ring & it usually works is household glass cleaner squirt 5-10 squirts on your finger be patient & then pull & twist at the same time, it might hurt when it goes over the knuckle but this usually get the job done.Second on our list , you can start by applying baby or cooking oil on you finger from where the ring is ,up to your knuckle , this is to prevent your finger from absorbing any water for the next step .Then soaking your hand in cold water ( about 5 minutes or so ) to help bring down the swelling , then  dry off your hand &  apply some more baby or cooking oil on your finger area around your ring & a little past your knuckle, then get some dental floss & start wrapping it around your finger ( not to tight) from the top & try to run it under your ring , just like the photo, before pulling the floss towards the top of the finger we have one more trick ,hold up your hand in the air for at least 2-4 minutes , this will bring the blood down from your fingers. Once 2-4 minutes go by keep your hand up & pull the floss towards the top of your finger.

                                                             Another thing that might help is hemroid cream this helps shrink the swelling.Now if your ring is thin you can actually have it sniped off at its weakest point on the shank with a pair of snip nose pliers ,just make sure not to pinch your skin .Then you can get someone to help you bend it open with a thin nose pliers.

If for some reason the ring is too tight & hurts try calling a local jeweller if they have a special tool for cutting off rings (it looks like a can opener) not every jeweller has one so to save time call around, the reason to call a local jeweller is , because sometimes it is faster than having to go to the Emergency & waiting a few hours . If you are pregnant & you managed to remove you ring please do not attempt to wear the ring again till a few weeks after you give birth or you will end up having the same problem again.

                                                                                                   We hope that this was helpful to get your ring off , don`t forget to vote YES if these helped.

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