How to pick the perfect color t-shirt for your jeans

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How to pick the best color t-shirt or top for your jeans

We all have those favorite pair of jeans that we love to wear.  The ones that make you look sexy, feel comfortable in, and give you that much needed confidence boost.  But what about the t-shirt or top to go with it?  Sure comfort is important, but there are certain colors tha can compliment our favorite pair of jeans and help you look your best.


Dark Navy jeans

For your dark navy jeans you can't go wrong with a basic black t-shirt or one with a colorful design.  This will also help to give you a slimmer look, especially paired with skinny jeans.  Also, a floral top would be a good fit.

Black jeans

Although it's true you can wear almost any color t-shirt with black jeans, it would be good to add a gray or cream top to your wardrobe if you haven't already done so.  The color black really brings out the underlying darkness in those two colors.  And of course your basic white tee(with or without black lettering) is always a classic look.

White jeans

First off, if you're going to wear white jeans, try to make them the skinny fit.  These are very sexy and have a slimming effect.  For the colored shirts that fit, go bright!  White jeans can bring out the light undertones of the colors red, orange, lime, etc.  These colors would work in a t-shirt or top.

Light Blue/Faded jeans

You can't go wrong with a royal or light blue tee when it comes to wearing light blue/faded jeans.  Try to find a blue tee with two or three different colors in the front design.  Also, don't forget about the clean, crisp, white tee or top for that classic casual look.

Dark Blue jeans

For those dark blue jeans you love so much, try for a medium to dark toned t-shirt or top.  A good choice would be a forest or camoflouge green, or a rose red.  If you like designs on your tees, keep it to a one color design or lettering.  The color pink also works well with the dark blue jeans of your choice.

Faded Wash Black jeans

The t-shirt colors that work with faded wash black jeans are pretty simple and straightforward.  Go for gray or white to help bring out the heavy white tone in the jeans.

I hope this guide has helped you somewhat.  I will be adding additional colored jeans as new styles dictate, so check back soon!

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