How to pair bluetooth headphones to your phone

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How to pair bluetooth headphones to your phone
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So - you've purchased a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones for use with your phone, ipod or ipad and can't get them to pair with your device. The seller states that it will work - but no matter what you do you can't make them work! How frustrating!!!

I feel your pain - as I have been there myself.

In my experience all Bluetooth headphones work in pretty much the same way - maybe the colour of the LEDs is different - but the mechanics of how to set them up is almost the same.

For this reason I've put together this simple plan for making them work - so all can benefit. ENJOY
1 The most common problem - My device can't find my headphones 

It could be that you have not put the item in pairing mode correctly.


Is the LED flashing red/blue when you try to connect? or just blue?


If just blue then it's not in pairing mode.


Do this in this exact order to pair.


Turn it off (no LED)


Press and hold down the power button for 8 seconds or until it starts to flash red/blue.


When flashing red/blue then search for it using your phones.

See this video for how to pair headphones to an ipod touch:

Jogger Headphones
The instructions above apply to this type of jogger headphone.

Click on the photo to the left to go to the auction on ebay.

Not all jogger headphones are created equal. Some cheaper ones on ebay might look the same - but in fact are copies.

What sets them apart?
Battery life and operating distance, as well as sound quality.
In Cheaper versions battery life is very short lived.

Batteries are not changable - so once the battery is depleted you need to charge the set again. Operating distance (distance between your phone and the headphones) is also variable with cheaper versions. You might find that you have signal drop outs when you are running with cheaper sets.
Noise Reduction Headphones
Syllable Noise Reduction Headphones
These instructions apply to these sorts of Bluetooth Noise Reduction headphones.

To view the ebay Auction - click on the phone to the left of this text.
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