How to pack clothing for shipping.

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I don't consider myself an expert by any means at all, but I have recieved some very positve feedback on my packing, so I thought I would write a guide on how I do it. :)

  1. Make sure the item is clean and lint free. Nothing frustrates a buyer more than receiving a shirt that with cat hair or fuzz all over it. To them your item is new, even if it's sold as used, you want to make a great first impression when they see it.
  2. Fold the item so it presents nicely. If the shirt has a logo on the chest, I normally fold it with the logo facing outward. Again, I great first impression is key. If it's a shirt, I will lay it face down on white tissue and fold each sleeve across the back, so there are even parallel sides. Then fold the bottom up twice and turn it over. Then it's a neat rectangle facing up on the white tissue paper.
  3. I then wrap the item in white tissue paper. I fold the two sides over the the front and tape it. Then fold the bottom up and tape it as well. This forms a pocket for the item to sit in as I put it in the poly envelope.
  4. I then place the item in a poly envelope with the open end facing out of the envelope. Fold the remaining tissue paper in to the top of the envelope before sealing. These poly envelopes are fairly cheap right here on eBay and they make for great waterproofing of your clothing.
  5. Lastly I place the poly envelope and any invoice or business cards I want to add into a USPS Priority Mail Tyvek envelope. These are available for free from the USPS website and add a little extra protection to your item.

Hope this helps anyone looking for information on how to ship clothing. Thanks for reading and happy eBaying! :)



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