How to measure a fox fur coat

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Ohh my god it does n't fit !!

These are very common words coming out of the mouth of thousands  ebay buyers every day . Buying from a picture can be a great challenge for both sellers and buyers . Measuring clothes can be tricky and lead to loss of time and money  for both sides  . Especially when it comes to fox fur the  fluffy long guard fur , i am sorry to say , but it makes things even more complicated .

In this guide i will give you a few tips when it comes buying a fir coat from a fur maker . I believe that this is the best choice you can take if you need accuracy . This is because a fur maker has in his possesion the pattern that was used to make the coat .

So what you should to insure that your coat fits you is

  • Do NOT measure a fox fur coat you already own . Take a regular coat ( leather , cotton , synthetic ) because the measurements you are taking will be as close to the pattern as possible .
  • Make sure you measure a loose fitting coat because you will be probably wearing winter clothes . If you prefer to wear your fur coat with lighter clothes then choose a regular fitting coat
  • Button up the coat .
  • Use a flat surface .  A table or even the floor will do
  • Always use a measure tape
  • Inform the furmaker that you are measuring a regular coat and ask him to use the pattern which was used to make the coat .

Provide measurements about  a) shoulder to shoulder ( from seam to seam )

                                              b) the widest part of the back

                                              c) sleeve length ( outer part of sleeves , from seam to cuff)

                                              d) bust ( all the way around under armpits )

                                               e) length ( from neckline to bottom )

I realize that it may seem to much for you but remember you are buying a luxury item which you will be wearing for a long time provided that you treat it with care . So take your time , contact your seller and work togehter for a fine result .

If you are a fox fur lover then you may want to check my ebay store skandinavik furs where you can conatact me for more information .

I wish you satisfuying purchases and ... please do not forget to vote my guide


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