How to make bead and macrame earrings!

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  Macrame is a hot new craft again.  And it isn't restricted to wall hangings either!  All kinds of items can be crafted from macrame knots, even earrings.  In fact, if you know how to do square knots and half knots, you can make yourself some very cute earrings doing macrame!

First, you'll need to find the supplies.  Unlike larger projects, you'll need smaller thread to do earrings.  I recommend waxed linen thread.  It comes in three basic colors: cream, white, and black.  Any will work, depending on what your mood is; you can even use more than one at a time!  You will also need beads that are small enough to not overwhelm your earrings, but with large enough holes to fit the thread through.  Usually smaller pony, lampwork, or crystal beads will work.  Seed beads are probably too small, as are delica beads.  You'll also want beads whose color either complements or contrasts with your thread, again, depending on the effect you want.  Earring hooks complete your list.

Then, to work!  Thread three strands of thread through the ring at the bottom of the earring post.  You'll want roughly three times the length as you want the finished product to be.  So if you like short, go short; or long, go long!  That's the cool thing about making these things for yourself - you decide everything!  And remember - you can always trim off excess, so don't stint!  Even up the threads on both sides of the hook and tie all the threads together in an overhand knot (just a loop with the ends of the threads inserted in and then tightened).  Push the knot as close to the earring as possible before tightening.  You'll want to attach the earring hook somehow to a stationary object; it makes tying the knots easier.  You'll treat each two threads as one "thread" for purposes of knotting.  Start tying with six square knots.  I like to start with those, because they make a great foundation.

Here is an illustration of how to do a square knot.

And this is one on a half knot and the cool spiral effect you get from using it!

You can then thread a bead on any of the threads - I usually choose the center one.  But it might look cool to try any of the others (or maybe on all three at once)!  Start in on a series of half knots, threading on beads periodically to get the effect you want.  When you are close to finishing your earring, finish up with a bead, six square knots, and another bead.  Knot the ends of the threads underneath the last bead in an overhand knot .  A dab of glue or clear nail polish will hold the knot securely.  Repeat for the other earring, making sure that knots line up as closely as possible to the first earring.

If you want to try anything more complicated, you could do this with two sets of three "threads" (six threads), or three sets.  You could try tying sets together every so often, or any other design you'd like.  Again, that's the best part of do-it-yourself - it lets your creative juices flow!  I hope this inspires you to try making earrings from this ancient and fascinating art!


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