How to make a good Best Offer on Ebay

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When you see an item has the icon, that means you can either pay the asking price and buy it right away, or you can submit a lower price to the seller, just like bargaining in the real world. If you like an item but think the asking price is too high, then the "Best Offer" option will be a good way to get the item you want at the price you want.

The following are some tips to submit a good offer:

  • Submit the offer earlier. Some buyers like to watch the item, and then submit the offer in the last hour hoping the seller would accept a lower price at that time. However, he item might be sold, or the seller might have accepted other buyers' offers. The seller does not have to respond to the offer right away, so a lot of the times the seller would keep the offers, can accept the highest ones in the end of the listing.
  • When submitting your best offer, keep in mind that the prices on Ebay are usually already very low due to the competition. You have a greater chance of your best offer being accepted, if it is reasonable. Also, the more you buy the more room there is to accept a lower offer. Plus you can ask for lower shipping by offering to buy multiple items too.
  • Ebay only allows you to submit a "Best Offer" once for each item. So if you want to submit a very low offer, you might want to contact the seller about it first. That way even if the seller tells you that he/she can not accept that price, they usually will tell you the lowest price he/she is willing to accept if the item is not sold in the end of the listing period.
Happy bidding!

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