How to lubricate your bread machine pan shaft & bearing

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How to lubricate your bread machine’s pan shaft & bearing.

Before installing a new or used belt I highly recommend you perform the following services:

 Lubricating the Paddle Shaft (Pan's Drive Shaft)

Disassemble the bread pan's drive shaft assembly. Clean the shaft. Be sure that there is no residue left on shaft. Lubricate the shaft with SuperLube lubricant or Liquid Graphite. With your bread pan upside-down remove the snap ring from the bottom of the shaft. Then remove the bow-tie shaped impeller and the washer beneath it. Push or gently tap the drive shaft through pushing out the old seal. Remove remaining parts from the shaft. Clean the shaft with Hand Sanitizer Gel and a Micro Fiber Towel. If necessary use 0000 Steel Wool and Hand Sanitizer Gel. Wipe off any left-over residue with a clean Micro Fiber Towel. Place the e-clip back onto the shaft. Place the Fiber Washer under the e-clip. Lubricate the shaft from the e-clip down. Then place the shaft back through the pan from top side. Now slip the new seal over the shaft and down til you reach the pan's recessed hole. Press the seal into the recess with your fingers. If needed use a deep-well socket with a diameter slightly less than the seal. Place a long extension onto the socket. Now use the socket and extension to press the seal into place. Once the seal is seated flush into the pan's recess, flip the pan upside down. Now place the next Fiber Washer onto the shaft. Now place the impeller onto the shaft. Be sure that the impeller is facing the correct direction. Now place the Snap Ring back onto the shaft. (Finished)

 Lubricating the Drive Coupler (Rotary Drive Coupler)

Unplug your bread machine. Turn it upside-down. Remove the bottom cover plate. Once the bottom plate is removed you’ll see two wheels. Remove the large one. If there’s a retaining clip holding the shaft in place, remove it too. Once removed, the hardware (or “coupler”) connected to the large wheel should fall out on its own. If not, use a philips screwdriver to force it through the oil-lite bearing. Once removed, clean the shaft and bearing hole with super-fine sandpaper or "0000" steel wool. Once cleaned, lubricate the shaft and bearing hole with liquid graphite lock lubricant. NAPA Lock-Ease Graphited Lock Fluid (item 765-1382) can be found at your local NAPA Auto Parts Store or their Online Store. Allow lube to air-dry, then re-assemble your bread machine in reverse order. Before placing the large wheel back onto the shaft apply more lubricant. Enough to flow down the shaft and into the bearing assembly. Then place the wheel back onto the shaft. If your breadmaker is extremely difficult to disassemble, try this instead: Unplug your bread machine. Place cardboard, shop towels, or several sheets of paper towels under your bread machine. Open the bread machine’s lid. Remove and set aside your bread machine’s bread pan. Shake liquid graphite lock lubricant well. Generously apply the lubricant over the coupler (located at the bottom-center of the baking chamber), allowing the lube to flow up and over the coupler and down into the shaft assembly underneath it. Allow the pooled lube to sit and penetrate for at least one hour. Afterwards, soak up any excess liquid remaining. To insure that all the liquid has evaporated, please wait an additional 24 hours, with the lid open, before using your bread machine.


How to find a replacement part for my Breadmaker.

1) Locate the manufacturer's label on your bread machine.

2) Find the model number on the manufacturer's label.

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