How to know the ebay Seller is A Good Seller an not bad

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How To Trust buying from sellers on ebay? You see it many times, people buy something and they recieve an item and it's "Wonderful", or people buy something and they recieve the item and it is "broken", or it is "not described correctly" or it "simply doesn't arrive"?


HOW CAN YOU TRUST ? How can you be sure that item you see in the auction is accurate? How can you be sure the item will arrive to you? How can you feel safe and sure about bidding and buying from sellers?


Well maybe I can share some proven tips. I am a seller and a buyer. I as a seller feel very strongly about overing great customer service. I as a buyer expect the item I buy to be what I buy and arrive.

Here is some proven ways to know if the seller is a good seller or not.

1. Always Check FEEDBACK-feedback doesn't lie. A Bad Seller will have neutrals and negatives both, sometimes a few of each, sometimes several. A Good Seller may have one or two BUT look at the last months transations. If a seller has had 200 or so transactions in the past month and all all positive with maybe one negative--ok that's not too bad. But if you see a seller with lets say 10 or 60 positive transactions in the past month but there are 2 neutrals and 1 or 2 or 3 negatives-I would say best not bid on this persons auction. You don't want to risk it.

2. Always look at that "Star Guide" you know the stars on the upper right hand corner that ebay has now? It really rates and tells you what the type of seller you are dealing with. I am a seller and I think it is a fair minded system. I feel that if you are a good seller, it shows, if you are bad seller you can see. Look at the stars-if there are some not colored in I would be worried. These stars detail the criteria of the item, description, shipping cost, shipping time, the communication, the item itself's very fair and it really shows you what type of seller you are dealing with. If all the stars are colored in-they are a top notch seller. If you see stars not colored in, lets say the "Shipping star is not colored in for example" that means that buyers feel that seller over charges for shipping. Lets say the star for communication is not all colored in, that means it tells that seller doesn't communicate like they should. Lets say the star with the criteria is not colored in, that means the seller is not describing their products as they should, that they may be used and not new, there may be holes or stains or broken parts and they aren't described.


3. Contact the seller with any questions, a good seller will get back to you in a timely manor.

4. Word of mouth, ask others who you recommend buying from online-word of mouth is powerful and that is how many people get business.

5. I as a buyer like to go back to those sellers that do combined shipping that help me save money. I also like those sellers that offer good customer service and ship in a timely manor. Going back to those sellers you know you can trust is always better than to sometimes take the risk of an unknown seller that has poor feedback or simply doesn't respond back to you.


6. Always get a tracking number, this way you can track the package. Insurance is always good but for certain get a tracking number. IF a seller is a good seller they will do a tracking number.

7.Email tracking number-It's super great to have sellers that email you the package tracking number direct. I do this to all of my customers and it really helps the communication. It also helps if a package is missing etc.. you can find it and track it down.

Good luck and if you follow these steps your chances of buying what you are bidding on and actually win should be just that..a Wonderful Experience.

I myself as a seller expect to try my best to give each customer a great experience with tracking numbers sent, shipping in a 24-72 hour window. I also feel as a buyer that it is very important to buy from those you trust. There are people out there that don't care how long you wait for your package, they don't care about answnering emails etc...that is why you the buyer must be careful and watchful of the seller.

Good luck my ebay friends. I have had many wonderful buying and selling experiences-I have also had some terrible buying experiences and have learned as a buyer what to watch out for.

Best Wishes and come check out my listings.

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