How to get the most views and bids.

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Just a few simple rules/ guidelines that will help you sell your item fast and efficiently.

1. Be honest. Never lie about the condition, efficiency, or working order of your product.

2. Location, Location, Location. Take excellent pictures of your product, and spend a little more on the ad to make sure you attract the most amount of buyers in all the right places.

3.Great service. Give your customers great service and they shall reward you with great feedback and even purchasing from you again.

4. Professional and courteous. Be as patient and polite as possible while simultaneously delivering the utmost amount of professionalism as well.

5. Shipping and packaging. Package an item extremely carefully and well so if it were to be dropped from ten stores nothing should break or bend. Ship it also as soon as possible or immediately after payment is received.

These 5 simple rules will help you become a great and bigger seller and in the ebay community. I hope this helps you guys and gals.
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