How to get the LOWEST PRICE when shopping on Ebay

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 As a successful eBay  Canvas belt &  bandanna seller (exotic, paisley, and solids), I figured I would offer some easy to follow advice about how to save money when buying on Ebay This advice can be followed for all eBay purchases.

First of all, realize that in order to get the best deal, you need to be patient! Of course you can always get excellent deals with any reliable eBay merchant, but for the best deal PATIENCE is the key.

If you have the time, take a few minutes to research the different ebay categories that your item is likely to be found in. This will ensure that you see the full picture and will allow you to find the cheapest price within each category.

A quick way to get a good grasp on the best deal out there is to use the eBay "advance search" tool. Be sure to use this tool as it can be extremely helpful in your search. Among other things, this tool will allow you to specify a price range. You can then sort your results by the items with the lowest price.

Don't be fooled by cheap prices that have unreasonable shipping fees. From your perspective all you should be concerned with is the bottom line price! Also, dont be turned off by high shipping fees if the price of the item is low. Your primary concern is the lowest total price!

*****Some sellers (including myself) will very often accept offers from prospective buyers. Whenever possible, USE THIS OPTION!! The reason sellers put it there is because they are generally willing to sell their items at a cheaper price. This can save you money.*****

If you have ten extra minutes, take the time to learn the trends. Research the recent average cost for your items. There are some great websites that give you this research tool for free. An example of such a website is 'Terapeak'. They currently give you up to 14 day price patterns for free (Google the word 'Terapeak' for more information).

I can't stress the following point enough - Buy from a reputable seller with good feedback. A long-term seller has a reputation to maintain. This means that you are likely to recieve your items in a timely fashion. As a customer on Ebay you have tremendous leverage with your seller. If the seller is not doing his part honesty and with integrity, you can damage him with your feedback.  THIS WILL ENSURE THAT YOUR SELLER , IF RTHEY ARE IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL - WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH EXCELLENT SERVICE!!

Also, sellers who buy in bulk tend to get their items for less and hopefully they will then pass on the savings to you, the customer.

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