How to get more visitors to your ebay auctions.

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How to get more visitors to your ebay auctions for free.

Do you want to know how the powersellers sell so much and your auctions dont sell at all or get very few clicks?

In this guide I will show you how to get more outside traffic other than ebay to your auctions for free and you will be selling more and getting more visits to your auctions.

Im sure you've heard of weird things being sold on ebay like, the grilled cheese sandwich shaped like the virgin mary, or the doritos chip that was in the shape of a popes hat, or britney spear's half eaten egg salad sandwich, or the stain on a t-shirt that looks like Jay Leno, or the many other weird auctions that have made the news. If you go to the everything else category in ebay you will find lots of weird items that are listed daily. Imagine if one night you were watching the tonight show with Jay Leno and saw your weird auction on his "Things we found on ebay" segment, thousands or even millions would go to ebay and check out your auction, and what you want them to do is look at the other items your selling or go to your store if you have one the possibilities if that happened would be endless. Some of these auctions make the news regularly also when i heard about Britney Spear's half eaten sandwich that someone was auctioning on ebay it spread like wild fire.

Anyone can create a weird or bizarre auction its easy, all you have to do is be creative and use your imagination, you should offer lots of pictures and a weird and unique story about it. While your eating chips look at them and think to yourself what does this look like, anyone famous, or an animal? Or make something one time I saw a real mr. potato head on sale and all they did was use a permanent marker on a regular potato, and guess what it sold, I dont remember for how much it sold for. But how much it sold for really isnt the point here, the point is generating traffic. The more traffic you have to come and look at that auction the better of a chance you have of people clicking on your other items for sale or your store. And the more traffic you have the better chance you have of generating sales and putting profit in your pocket.

There are websites out there that promote these weird ebay auctions, while theres not that many, there are some good ones out there, and while they have their own look and feel and different promotional tools they are all very good at what they do and they get lots and lots of traffic, both from ebay and also from the search engines. Most of them will feature your auction for free, all they ask is that you place their banner in your auction, its very simple they offer the code all you have to do is copy and paste in your auction. I cant offer you their links in here because of ebay rules, but I myself own one of these websites and if you go to my about me page you can find the link there. Also if you want to find the other sites. Just do a search in google or your preferred search engine and type in weird ebay auctions, or weird auctions and it will bring up these weird ebay auction promotion sites.

Another way you can generate more traffic to your auctions, is by commenting on other peoples weird auctions or by bidding and while your the highest bidder it will show that and hopefully people will check out your other items for sale. Although this dosent draw in alot of traffic but it might draw in a little bit, but every little bit helps.

You could also offer some mystery auctions, these draw in tons of traffic also. And its a pretty safe bet you dont have to tell them what the item is, they bid and hope for something good. But also be warned about this, it could either make you or break you. If the auction ends and the bid is a very high amount of money dont send the person a rock because yes you made alot of money on a rock, but you need to be looking in the future. If you offer another mystery auction then the person that won your mystery auction before will talk very highly of you if you gave him or her something of value for his or her high bid. This will get people trusting you and hopefully they will look at your other items for sale. Thats what ebay is, its a trust issue, sure theres millions of things for sale on ebay everyday, but the people that make the real money are the ones that are trusted and get lots of traffic to their auctions.

So go ahead go crazy, think of the weirdest most unique thing you have ever thought of, get your friends and family involved do some brainstorming. Remember the weirder it is, the better of a chance you have getting on the Tonight Show or making the news or even making the front page of the weird ebay auction websites.

Good luck with your auctions and I hope this guide helps you out.

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