How to fix fake 16GB USB Drive 2.0 to actuall size

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Recently I've bought the flash drive that was specified as New 16GB 16 GB USB Drive 2.0 memory stick pen drive G. Seller has declared it as new 16Gb flash drive with brand Samsung memory cheap inside. When I've received it, it was detected as really 16 GB flash drive, and I even have left positive feedback for the yeung33759 seller.

Unfortunately, when I've tried to write more than 2Gb information to this flash drive, it became crazy. It seems that some files were written over previously written files. Some files were randomly moved to other folders, etc…So it seems to be fake drive with 2Gb of physical memory but with 16Gb size set to controller (this why it was detected as 16Gb by windows).

I’ve decide to investigate the problem and write this guide to help to other buyers which already have bought the same faked items.

I've disassemble the item and check what is really set inside. There are several photos:

As we can see from these photos the  memory cheap is unmarked.



USB Controller cheap is Alcor AU6983.

So, next step was to fix this flash drive to its actual size, and check, what memory cheap is really installed. I've downloaded the "AlcorMP UFD v6.21" utility for this controller from its manufacturer.

It has detected the flash drive as following:


So it was actually 2Gb drive with Micron memory cheap.

Now we can fix the controller to work with real 2Gb memory size by clicking the "Auto" button. After the modification you can at least use this USB drive as honest 2Gb flash drive without lost data.


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