How to file an USPS Damaged in Transit Claim

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Note: I only ship by USPS so this guide relates to their procedures only.

So, the unthinkable has occurred? the beautiful antique whatever that you purchased on eBay, has arrived in deplorable condition.

Well, if you purchased the optional insurance from your seller, you MIGHT be in luck.

Here's what you need to do:

>> First, If you suspect damage prior to opening, DON'T OPEN IT!
>> Either call it to the Postal Carriers attention on delivery,
or take it right to the Post Office and open it there.
>> Have them inspect the outer carton and make a note on the condition of the carton.
>> Next, open the package and have them make a note about the packaging inside the carton.
If the carton and the packaging were sufficent to protect the item, you have the evidence to file a claim.
>> At this point, you must take the carton and the item home.
>> Keep everything together and
>> Contact the seller and request the original insurance receipt. The seller may request a Self addressed stamped envelope from you (which is a small price to pay to recoup your investment).
>> Upon receipt of the insurance receipt, it's back to the Post Office to file the claim.

Some things that you need to know though:

>> If the original carton and packaging are discarded, you will not be able to file a claim.
>> If the original packaging was insufficient to insure a safe delivery, you will not be able to file a claim.
>> If the seller will not supply the original insurance receipt, you will not be able to file a claim.
You may have to file an "Item significantly different" dispute against the seller and hope that eBay / PayPal will assist you.

>> Lastly, If the Post Office allows you to file a "Damaged in Transit" claim, they have the right to keep the item that was damaged.

I share this information because I was in the dark about these procedures and learned the hard way. Hopefully, this will help you to keep your ducks in a row and resolve a similar situation.

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