How to display and sell your clothing items.

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OK, so you've decided that you are going to sell clothing on ebay.  Sounds simple, but as you look at other listings you see that they look almost professional and you are at a loss.  Here a few simple tricks that I have learned to display and sell your items in a way that makes them appeal to buyers.

1.  Don't expect to put something on a hanger, hang it on the back of a door and get top dollar.  Invest in an adjustable sewing dress form.  The best part about them is that you can buy one and it can be adjusted up or down for a variety of sizes.  You can also pin into them so that you can make the clothes look good. 

2.  Pick up some party balloons.  Both the round and the long kind.  There is nothing easier to fluff up a sleeve or bust line than a couple of balloons.  When using them for the sleeves just put the flat balloon in the bottom of the sleeve after you have the shirt or dress positioned on the dress form and then blow it up as much as you like to give the sleeve fullness.  As for the bust, just be sure that your two balloons are the same size and place them appropriately.

3.  Just like in real estate, location, location, location.  Don't have your clothing in front of a big white wall.  It washes everything out.  Find a niche in your home that is pretty.  By the piano, near the beautiful rose bush, etc.  Keep in mind that if what you are trying to sell is a light color put it in front of a dark background and if it's a dark color in front of a light background.  As they say a picture is worth a thousand words and if it's a pretty picture more people are going to look at your listing and your chances for potential sales go up.

4.  Take your pictures during the day with every window in the room open to take advantage of the natural light and use the flash on your camera.  By using the flash it will fill in the shadows and give a better picture.

5.  Take the time to use a photo program to crop the pictures so that your item is the star of the show.  Print Shop and Microsoft Picture It! both do the job great and they are inexpensive.  Remember you want people to focus and what's for sale.

6.  Take some time to write a good add.  Remember adjectives sell!  would you be tempted to buy a nice used denim dress, or a lovingly worn soft blue denim dress.  It's all in how you make buyers feel when they are looking at your stuff.

7.  Don't worry so much about being the heavy on what you will do to someone if they stiff you.  It turns buyers off.  Sure, you're going to get stiffed occasionally and it really ticks you off.  But would you want to buy from someone that is threatening action before you even make a purchase.  When you are out shopping you know those stores that aren't friendly and you avoid shopping there.  Do you want your ebay store to be the same way?

Remember that your goal in selling is return business and word of mouth advertising.

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