How to clean and repair your stuffed animal, teddy bear

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I have been repairing and cleaning teddy bears for 30 years and would like to share a few tips with you on how to clean your teddy bear that you have found on Ebay.

It is hard to tell the condition of your Teddy Bear from a picture. Here are a few steps to make sure your bear is clean and free of bugs that might harm your other bears.

1. Place teddy or other soft toy in a plastic bag and place it in your freezer for 42 hours. This will destroy and bug you might not see.

2. Depending on the type of material you need to follow different instruction.

A. If the teddy is made from plush you can surface wash it with the suds of laundry detergent. My favorite for all bear material is cream of tarter dissolved in water and lightly washed. Them you could place the bear in a pillow case and place in your dryer. Make sure you turn the heat off in your dryer.

Do not be afraid to open a seam of the bear and empty out the stuffing and give the skin a good hand washing and lay it flat to dry. I only suggest this in extreme cases and it would not hurt to look on Ebay for a Teddy Bear Repair expert.

B. Mohair or other wools are a little more difficult. You must gently wash with a cloth and just the suds of laundry soap.Then air dry. Some of these older bears need much more care including removed of the straw that some are filled with. Your could look on Ebay for help with this.

3. Lightly brush your bear out with a dog brush after it has dryed.

4. Do not store your little guy in plastic or direct sunlight this will cause his fur to rot.

5. Antique Bears need to be checked for dry rot of material and should not be cleaned except by a expect and should only be put in your freezer in a plastic bear for 42 hours and then place with some cedar chips or block to keep the moths from attacking them.

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